Snowflake Anna

Hello God!

Thank You for Now. I am celebrating the moment with a cup of tea and beautiful and light dessert Pavlova.

It is snowing and looking through the window is a great pleasure. The scene behind the glass is as in the Bolshoi Theatre, where ballerinas are snowflakes. Oh, I see the snowflake – prima ballerina Anna Pavlova. How she is beautiful! How she is light!

Snowflake Anna.jpg

With the paintings by Anastasia Vostrezova and my photos of the dessert I am sharing with you what my thoughts and feelings are about now.

Anna Pavlova says: “Somewhere in every one of us, no matter how deep it may be hidden, is a latent germ of beauty… We dance because this germ of beauty demands such expression, and the more we give it outlet the more we encourage our own instinct for graceful forms.”

Snowflakes have a graceful forms. Dessert Pavlova is the baked graceful form on the plate.


This airy dessert made from crisp meringue shell topped with whipped cream and fruit. The story said that the dessert was created by the chef in Wellington, New Zeland when Pavlova visited there in 1926 on her world tour. Australians claim that they created Pavlova dessert.


Obviously “People have been doing meringue with cream for a long time, I don’t think Australia or New Zealand were the first to think of doing that” I agree with a restaurant critic Matthew Evans. But Anna Pavlova was a superstar adored by all the world. As a result, a lot of chefs named their dishes after her.

Anna inspires: “I have realized that true art gives joy not only to the artist but also to the people, suspending them for a moment from life’s sorrows. In this I see the great significance of art, and the awareness of this became the aim of my life.”

Ballerina Dessert.JPG

Sweet, crunchy, and meltingly soft the dessert mimics her tutu with light-as-air fluffiness! The outside is crispy and the middle is soft like a marshmallow…

Oh, really I am on the heaven of taste immersed in the clouds of thousands of snowflakes dancing in the sky. The ballet I am watching is mesmerizing, the moment I am living is sparkling.


Snowflake Anna has silently landed on my shoulder and whispered: “Happiness is like a butterfly which appears and delights us for one brief moment, but soon flits away.”

Anna Pavlova dances “California Poppy” – watching Beaty makes being beautiful.

Thank You very much for sharing with me your precious moment of your life. I do hope you are just a little bit happier now as I am.



Vera Stracciatella!

Hello God!

Thank You for my cone of stracciatella I am licking now! As for me and it has deep roots from my childhood true Spring begins from a cone of ice-cream without a threat of laryngitis.

Vanilla ice cream with small, delicious shreds of dark chocolate – mmmm, it is mouthwatering. With this epitome of perfect taste I am happy to invite you in Bergamo, Northern Italy, where the door to the single place where you can try original taste of Stracciatella Gelato opens!


Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, derived from the Latin word “gelātus” (meaning frozen). What differentiates gelato from ice cream is its dense, yet super creamy texture. This is mainly the result of two things: gelato is churned so that very little air is incorporated, so it’s less fluffy than ice cream; two, gelato at the gelaterias is stored at a higher temperature than most ice cream, so even though its dense it doesn’t freeze solid – like many ice creams left too long in the freezer.

La Marianna

The story of Stracciatella Gelato begins here on Largo Colle aperto 2/4, Bergamo, in cafe “La Marianna”. Please, come in and seat at the table you like.

“La Marianna” is a strong family-run business, and in Italy it means that father has unlimited power to involve his children to help than to live by the business. Enrico Panattoni, the youngest son, was responsible for stirring eggs in the soup-like dish called “Stracciatella”. “Stracciare” means “to shred” or “to tear up” in Italian and, indeed, that is how the soup looks after stirring some beaten eggs with some cheese in a good chicken broth.


The soup was the main dish in the menu of “La Marianna” in 60’s. The cafe was mecca for “Stracciatella” soup. But Enrico Panattoni was sad – every customer wanted to eat only the soup.

“It seems I have to stir eggs for the end of my life” he thinks even not asking a new client what he or she would like to order. Enrico was sure all clients want to eat this damn soup!

Ice Cream House

It happened in April in 1961. A girl had changed everything! This girl in a silk vanilla color blouse and dark chocolate-brown skirt in soft cream suede ballerina shoes opened “La Marianna”s door and Miracle had smiled to Enrico! He floated in her eyes and he knew she would not order the soup. She would order something different. “I would like, mmm, I want, I will, ge-la-to. Yeas, I would like a cone of gelato” the girl made her choice.

“Tuk, tuk, tuk – I hear every beat of my heart” Enrico happily noticed. “My dream, my old dream is on the way to its realization. Today I am going to present my creation. This girl will try my Stracciatella Gelato!”

Spring Cream

After various and repeated experiments in tight secret from father, Enrico Panattoni created a particular gelato. His method of “drizzling in” melted chocolate creates the characteristic shreds – when melted chocolate hits the cold vanilla ice cream base it immediately hardens and breaks into small, brittle shreds – which are dispersed throughout the ice cream during the churning. The melted chocolate just remember the egg congeals into the boiling broth of the soup “Stracciatella”.

“You have to give a name to this delight and then … why not call it as one of the most popular dish of the restaurant “La Marianna”, “Stracciatella”?” happy Enrico had just prepared the cone of his creation to the girl.

Happy Cream

The girl was beautiful. April tender breeze was playing in her hairs and her lips had touched the cone of gelato – Enrico’s creation! Do you know what happened with the girl and Enrico? For romantic Italian boy the lips which tried his creation at the first time became the single lips he kissed every day in their happy marriage.

Enrico Panattoni held tightly the original recipe, which is still a family secret – no patent, no copyright, people arrive to “La Marianna” to try “Vera Stracciatella”!

Stracciatella Gelato prepared according to the original recipe here. That Stracciatella which is still produced with vertical machines (the famous Carpigiani L40 with tinned copper bell and wet brine) with simple ingredients such as fresh milk, egg yolks, sugar, cream, gelatin and alginate sodium as a stabilizer. Chocolate coverage today is the Lindt dark chocolate with 58% cocoa.

I strongly recommend to buy a cone of Stracciatella Gelato in the nearest gelateria. You will understand what I am telling here about. Thank You for your pleasure!

Happy gelato weekend!

Delicious Wonderland

Hello God!

Thank You for Winter. Winter is Delicious Wonderland. Snow is whispering down so soft and light and a white coat covers everything. We gaze at the stars and they are so bright on a wonderful clear winter night. One of the prettiest times of year,
Winter season is finally here. We are being with family and slumbering peacefully in a blanket children wrapped me and you near Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate and cooking yummy things… Oh, Dear Winter, we are happy to meet you!


The fresh crisp snow crunched under my feet as I stepped out into the snow
A Winter Wonderland


The snowflakes dance and dazzle around me as I start running
A Winter Wonderland


I grab my sled and slide down the hill
A Winter Wonderland


I am happy to find and fascinated by these pictures. Carl Warner is a creator.

Thank you for sharing with me this happy winter moment. By the way I am drinking hot chocolate with vanilla and cardamom. Mmmm, please close your eyes and I invite you in a Winter Wonderland.

Sweet Rondo

Hello God!

Thank You for inspiring my parents to send me in a musical school. As a result I am a pianist and you know a lot of facets of life I see in a musical forms. Today I am inspired by Rondo.


Rondo is an Italian word that means round. In music a Rondo is a piece of music which has one main theme, which is heard several times, and other musical ideas in between each time. If we give the main theme a label “A” and the other musical ideas “B”, “C”, “D” etc. then the form of a rondo can be described as ABACADA. The sections in between the main “A” section are called “episodes”.


In our Sweet Rondo the main theme (A) is Chocolate. Episodes are Marzipan (B), Praline (C) and Marmalade (D). Could you hear it: Chocolate, Marzipan, Chocolate, Praline, Chocolate, Marmalade, Chocolate? Mmmmouthwatering!


So close your eyes and feel the pleasure of chocolate as it melts upon your tongue, feel the different episodes in our sweet rondo.

Thank you very much for sharing my inspiration and enjoining the moment with a cup of coffee and a chocolate candy. I am with you!

Philosophers Talk

Hello God!

Thank You for ability to restore our bodies with nature’s help. It seems we are going to be free from antibiotics in this season. Eucalyptus and mint herbs have done a really good job. My child is almost healthy and my mood is uplifting. So it is time to start a new week with pleasure to happily think. Today I am walking with three philosophers and listening their talking.

You see them on the painting “The Three Philosophers” by Italian High Renaissance artist Giorgione.


The Wine is old man, the Cheese is in middle age and the Apricot is young boy. The three men are talking about perennial question of philosophy: What is Truth?

The old Wine philosopher is singing: I live so long and know this life, la,la,laaaa, the truth is in Soul. “Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” (Walt Whitman)

The middle Cheese philosopher thinks: the truth is in Mind. “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” (Joseph Addison)

The young Apricot dreamingly whispers: the truth is in Heart. ““To a young heart everything is fun.” (Charles Dickens)


You see the Wine, the Cheese and the Apricot are right. My photo etude visualises their talking. I am not a photographer, sorry for quality, the photo is just for idea.

Soul, Mind and Heart are keeping Truth of life but together in Great Harmony of Universe.

Thank you for enjoying this moment with me. Have a happy and philosophical week! Philosophy is a honey nectar for Soul, Mind and Heart.

Chocolate Moustache

Hello God!

Thank You for Belgian waffles. Its are so delicious. You know there are two types of Belgian waffles: the Brussels and the Liege waffle. We were walking in Brussels and it was logic that we tried the Brussels type.


Freshly prepared waffles: at the same time, warm, light, deliciously crusty outside and soft inside. Mmmm, I am feeling this magic scent now.


Brussels waffle is made in a deep waffle iron which makes large divots in the finished waffle.

We sit down at a table in “Waffle Factory” cafe and enjoyed the rich taste of the incredible city. Chocolate moustache had decorated my lips. I am saying you, it is bliss.


By the way did you know that The Belgian waffle is an American creation that was introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair where it was called a “Bel Gem Waffle” and that Thomas Jefferson was so enamoured with waffles that he had an iron shipped from France to Monticello? It is interesting.

Thank you very much for sharing with this happy moment. I hope I inspire you to create a Chocolate Moustache on your face with freshly cooked Belgium waffle.

Raspberry Tale

Hello God!

Thank You for raspberries we enjoy in July. Raspberries remind me a wonderful and sweet taste from my childhood. I remember a big bushes of raspberry I was playing with my little sister in. I was a bear and she was a hare. Our story was about a lost little hare and a bear who was asked by mother of a little hare to find her daughter. When a bear had found a bushes of raspberries bear forgot about asking to find a little hare. So bear, me, ate a raspberries when little hare, my sister, sat in the bushes. My mother was waiting for us with a little cup of raspberries her children had gathered…

A magic smell and taste of raspberries and homemade waffles keep my happy memory about childhood.

Every family had an electrical waffle maker you see below. I am lucky because my mother-in-law has the waffle maker which is rare vintage thing from USSR now.


The first picture is actual photo of my mother-in-law’s equipment. The waffle maker is baking very well.


The recipe of waffles is simple:

200 gr. butter or margarine
1 cup of sugar
5 eggs
1.5 cup of flour


Hand made cottage cheese is delicious. I add a half cup of sugar and steer it to cream mass.


Rasberries are just from the garden. What’s a beautiful and delicious union!


My ruby red mouth

Will be stained for days

The way my teeth hide the seeds

I’m totally amazed!


Oh raspberry you’re beautiful

Red nectar of the season

I think you know…

You give life a reason!

Thank you for sharing with me this happy moment.

Coronation Cake

I love the Coronation Cake! It is Masterpiece of baking art! The Cake is as Perfect as Coronation Dress in 1953 I have written about in the previous post. Thank You!

The UK’s leading manufacturer of baking ingredients, Renshaw, has worked in collaboration with the team behind the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding cake to create a bespoke Coronation cake in celebration of the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation.

As a Royal Warrant Holder for its almond products, Renshaw is one of over 200 companies taking part in the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace this July.

Created in partnership with Fiona Cairns Ltd, the four tier Coronation Cake will go on display at the grounds of Buckingham Palace during the three day celebration event taking place 11th – 14th July.

The cake features the flowers of the four nations; English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and the Irish shamrock. The crowning glory is a replica of the Sovereign’s Orb, which The Queen held at her Coronation in 1953 to represent the Monarch’s role as Defender of…

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Prince Ice Cream

Hello God!

Thank You for Your Inspiration to invent and create an ice cream which is the life saver in hot weather. I am a troubadour today and my ballad is devoted to the Prince Ice Cream. Oh, Tram-param-ram-ram:

The loving child of King Ice

And Queen Milk

The Price Ice Cream is

Charming Dream.


He is blessed by Sugar and Vanilla.

Banana, Strawberries and Cherry

Always smile with Him in pleasure.


Romantic Flavor tickles

All hearts in happy dance of

Strings in Rainbow’s Harp.


He is young as April’s wind

Blowing and dispensing

Happiness around.



Thank you for this pleasure to share with you a cone of delicious ice creme in our happy summer today!

Chocolate Symphony

Hello God!

Thank You for my sophisticated tongue which is able to feel chocolate symphony by my whole existence. When I think about chocolate I can create a joyful poem devoted to your smile.

Pleasure lives

Where Sugar is loved.

Chocolate orchestra plays

When soul is full…

I am a conductor of

This Symphony.

It seems we are going to spend our weekend in the legendary city of pleasure. Vienna as unthinkable without music as unimaginable without its famous desserts.


Franz Landtmann opened Vienna’s most elegant Café in 1873.


Landtmann Cafe is known for many meetings of leading industrialists and politicians in Austria, and the preferred coffee house of, such as Sigmund Freud, Gustav Mahler, Peter Altenberg, Felix Salten, Emmerich Kálmán.


It is wonderful experience to listen and try conducting the symphony of desserts in Landtmann Cafe. I recommend.

And now, Ta Dam! Ta Dam! we are close to the culmination of Chocolate symphony: Zaher cake!


Sachertorte or Zaher (photo) cake is a specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna. The Prince have declared, “Let there be no shame on me tonight!” The torte created by Sacher have delighted Metternich’s guests, and the dessert received further attention.

I am reading the recipe as music scores for orchestra. Oh, I see the theme: chocolate, than crescendo Chocolate, than fortissimo CHOCOlate! I love that: “a layered chocolate cake filled with apricot jam is coated in Chocolate ganache and finished with a CHOCOlate glaze.”

Applauses and ovations to the orchestra and conductor are from grateful audience. Thank You for coming in my concert hall. I am grateful and happy to see you.