Sleep Well

Hello God!

Thank You for our dreams we see every night. Today and always we are the watchers of your dreams. Nightmares will never touch your pillow again because we love and live in love.


“I believe that we carry within us a divinely inspired moral imperative to love … We have within us the ability to change for the better and to find dignity as individuals rather than as drones in one mass movement or another. We have the ability to love, the need to be loved, and the willingness to put our own lives on the line to protect those we love, and it is in these aspects of ourselves that we can glimpse the face of God; and through the exercise of these qualities, we come to a Godlike state,”
Dean Koontz writes in his book “Watchers”.


The photos are taken in Mini Europa park in Brussels.

To protect your pillow is our happy job. Thank you for your trust to keep your dreams. Sleep well, we are here.

Minerva’s Kiss

Hello God!

Thank You for today’s Inspiration to be happy. Goddess of Wisdom told me a story I am in hurry to share with you.

Young King is sad. The great responsibility is on his shoulders. How to protect my people and make them happy?


Daughter of Jupiter, Minerva, the goddess of wisdom follows the King when he is walking in his garden near the palace. The book is in his hands.


There is only a small strip

With a scattered boundary

Between suffering and happiness.

Life is so changeable

Like the weather.

And a habitual melancholy

Tiptoes silently…


Minerva says: so it be,

Your happiness will return

When I kiss your dry lips…

And the silver trumpets will sing again!

by Shvedchikov A.


Walking in Royal Palace Garden in Brussels I shot these photos. The book is my French finding.

Minerva follows us and kisses by her infinitive wisdom to live joyfully here and now. Thank you for your kiss.

Ball of Light

Hello God!

Thank You for the places of Power we can find and stand on its we can nurture ourselves by Your Energy and Vibration. There are moments when we touch the earth and the earth touches us and an enlightenment happens. We feel this spot instantaneously.

My daughter had found the spot when we were walking in the Royal Palace Garden in Brussels.


The girl shines brilliantly with
Her golden rays, sparkling
like vortexes of luster.

Vibrating sounds by strings of the Sky
Support the Earth Harmony, we feel
Ideal brilliance of Life!

Floating through her hands
A ball of Light we play with joy and
Mesmerized by “It is my life”!


Really our life is a ball of light. Thank you for playing the game lightball together.

I wish you a really playful week and have an easy Monday!

Chocolate Moustache

Hello God!

Thank You for Belgian waffles. Its are so delicious. You know there are two types of Belgian waffles: the Brussels and the Liege waffle. We were walking in Brussels and it was logic that we tried the Brussels type.


Freshly prepared waffles: at the same time, warm, light, deliciously crusty outside and soft inside. Mmmm, I am feeling this magic scent now.


Brussels waffle is made in a deep waffle iron which makes large divots in the finished waffle.

We sit down at a table in “Waffle Factory” cafe and enjoyed the rich taste of the incredible city. Chocolate moustache had decorated my lips. I am saying you, it is bliss.


By the way did you know that The Belgian waffle is an American creation that was introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair where it was called a “Bel Gem Waffle” and that Thomas Jefferson was so enamoured with waffles that he had an iron shipped from France to Monticello? It is interesting.

Thank you very much for sharing with this happy moment. I hope I inspire you to create a Chocolate Moustache on your face with freshly cooked Belgium waffle.

Humorist Pis

Hello God!

Thank You for jokes we are smiling at. I am happy to share some humour postcards devoting to famous statue Manneken Pis, known as Little Julian.


– I wonder if they still would be laughing if I took his place, said the woman in yellow hat.

– Don’t worry, my princess, you will get something better. … Before honeymoon.


– Oh, Father!  Can I glimpse on it?  – Yes, miss, but only consider the bronze.

– Will you referee the competition, Madam? Just to see who goes highest.


– Only water!!! I’m not very fond of that!

– I am really charmed with your gracious gesture.

You know I am feeling your uplifting mood by my skin. Today is going to be great for you and me. Thank you for You!

Little Julian

Hello God!

Thank You for great joy of life. Happily laughing I will tell you a story about little Julian. Julian is a 2 y.o. boy from Brussels. He is famous and according wikipedia originally he looks like as on the photo you see below.


We were lucky to meet him in this costume. Julian is a great fashionista, his wardrobe counts more than 900 suits.


A son of Grand Madam

Went missing on the shopping street.

He was, of course, our naughty Julian.

Panic-stricken woman cried:

Help me, help me, please,

To find my little, little child!


City wide search began,

Every corner was by eye,

Mayor of the city had found

Our naughty Julian.

He peacefully smiled

Doing the thing

Nature dictates to all of us.


Grand Madam was happy

Gift of gratitude made.

The city had the fountain built.

It is, of course, our naughty Julian.

Thank you for your smile and sharing my today’s inspiration.