Delicious Wonderland

Hello God!

Thank You for Winter. Winter is Delicious Wonderland. Snow is whispering down so soft and light and a white coat covers everything. We gaze at the stars and they are so bright on a wonderful clear winter night. One of the prettiest times of year,
Winter season is finally here. We are being with family and slumbering peacefully in a blanket children wrapped me and you near Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate and cooking yummy things… Oh, Dear Winter, we are happy to meet you!


The fresh crisp snow crunched under my feet as I stepped out into the snow
A Winter Wonderland


The snowflakes dance and dazzle around me as I start running
A Winter Wonderland


I grab my sled and slide down the hill
A Winter Wonderland


I am happy to find and fascinated by these pictures. Carl Warner is a creator.

Thank you for sharing with me this happy winter moment. By the way I am drinking hot chocolate with vanilla and cardamom. Mmmm, please close your eyes and I invite you in a Winter Wonderland.

24 thoughts on “Delicious Wonderland

    1. NIght, a deep night is here. I am diving in sleeping, hope to see you in my dream, the captain :-). Will tell you tomorrow. See you and good night, beautiful Linda!

      1. Hehe…I know…well..I know it’s cold…but how cold it really is I wouldnt know 😛 BUT oh to sit by a lovely fireplace..all cuddled up with a hot drink…that’s my ideal of winter..hehe

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