Philosophers Talk

Hello God!

Thank You for ability to restore our bodies with nature’s help. It seems we are going to be free from antibiotics in this season. Eucalyptus and mint herbs have done a really good job. My child is almost healthy and my mood is uplifting. So it is time to start a new week with pleasure to happily think. Today I am walking with three philosophers and listening their talking.

You see them on the painting “The Three Philosophers” by Italian High Renaissance artist Giorgione.


The Wine is old man, the Cheese is in middle age and the Apricot is young boy. The three men are talking about perennial question of philosophy: What is Truth?

The old Wine philosopher is singing: I live so long and know this life, la,la,laaaa, the truth is in Soul. “Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” (Walt Whitman)

The middle Cheese philosopher thinks: the truth is in Mind. “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” (Joseph Addison)

The young Apricot dreamingly whispers: the truth is in Heart. ““To a young heart everything is fun.” (Charles Dickens)


You see the Wine, the Cheese and the Apricot are right. My photo etude visualises their talking. I am not a photographer, sorry for quality, the photo is just for idea.

Soul, Mind and Heart are keeping Truth of life but together in Great Harmony of Universe.

Thank you for enjoying this moment with me. Have a happy and philosophical week! Philosophy is a honey nectar for Soul, Mind and Heart.

17 thoughts on “Philosophers Talk

  1. What a lovely post….you had me intrigued about your connecting the three philosophers to wine, cheese and apricots…..I was trying to think of having seen/ read this anywhere…..then I scrolled on and there was your photo 🙂 Delightful, and they all look delicious.

  2. Loved it!
    This line: Soul, Mind and Heart are keeping Truth of life but together in Great Harmony of Universe….yes and again I say yes….and then is born Wisdom 🙂

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