Raspberry Tale

Hello God!

Thank You for raspberries we enjoy in July. Raspberries remind me a wonderful and sweet taste from my childhood. I remember a big bushes of raspberry I was playing with my little sister in. I was a bear and she was a hare. Our story was about a lost little hare and a bear who was asked by mother of a little hare to find her daughter. When a bear had found a bushes of raspberries bear forgot about asking to find a little hare. So bear, me, ate a raspberries when little hare, my sister, sat in the bushes. My mother was waiting for us with a little cup of raspberries her children had gathered…

A magic smell and taste of raspberries and homemade waffles keep my happy memory about childhood.

Every family had an electrical waffle maker you see below. I am lucky because my mother-in-law has the waffle maker which is rare vintage thing from USSR now.


The first picture is actual photo of my mother-in-law’s equipment. The waffle maker is baking very well.


The recipe of waffles is simple:

200 gr. butter or margarine
1 cup of sugar
5 eggs
1.5 cup of flour


Hand made cottage cheese is delicious. I add a half cup of sugar and steer it to cream mass.


Rasberries are just from the garden. What’s a beautiful and delicious union!


My ruby red mouth

Will be stained for days

The way my teeth hide the seeds

I’m totally amazed!


Oh raspberry you’re beautiful

Red nectar of the season

I think you know…

You give life a reason!

Thank you for sharing with me this happy moment.