Chocolate Moustache

Hello God!

Thank You for Belgian waffles. Its are so delicious. You know there are two types of Belgian waffles: the Brussels and the Liege waffle. We were walking in Brussels and it was logic that we tried the Brussels type.


Freshly prepared waffles: at the same time, warm, light, deliciously crusty outside and soft inside. Mmmm, I am feeling this magic scent now.


Brussels waffle is made in a deep waffle iron which makes large divots in the finished waffle.

We sit down at a table in “Waffle Factory” cafe and enjoyed the rich taste of the incredible city. Chocolate moustache had decorated my lips. I am saying you, it is bliss.


By the way did you know that The Belgian waffle is an American creation that was introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair where it was called a “Bel Gem Waffle” and that Thomas Jefferson was so enamoured with waffles that he had an iron shipped from France to Monticello? It is interesting.

Thank you very much for sharing with this happy moment. I hope I inspire you to create a Chocolate Moustache on your face with freshly cooked Belgium waffle.