Monday Serenade

Hello God!

Thank You for Monday. “Monday is a great for becoming too busy to die”  Roy Station said. It is truth we understand that a new working week begins and Friday is as far as Venus. So we are really too busy.

We are busy for each other. Because of you I live and enjoy my life. I love to think that because of me you do the same  – you love and enjoy your life. I would like to make your working week happier, my today’s Inspiration said that I am able to do it. Music and fashion will help me.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has created a musical dresses. I am listening a velvet sounds of cello which inspired the designer.


The Piano dress is fantastic. The symphony of artist’s imagination has the Power to visualize the harmony we can see and touch.

Together the cello and the piano create a divine duet to tell us something very important. Something about Life can not possible without. The thing is Love.


The Duet plays Serenade by Franz Schubert.

My songs beckon softly
through the night to you;
below in the quiet grove,
Come to me, beloved!

The rustle of slender leaf tips whispers
in the moonlight;
Do not fear the evil spying
of the betrayer, my dear.

Do you hear the nightingales call?
Ah, they beckon to you,
With the sweet sound of their singing
they beckon to you for me.

They understand the heart’s longing,
know the pain of love,
They calm each tender heart
with their silver tones.

Let them also stir within your breast,
beloved, hear me!
Trembling I wait for you,
Come, please me!

So enjoy!

Thank you for sharing my Monday’s Inspiration. I hope my sincere intention to make your week lighter and happier than the previous week was will work.

Have a happy week!

Two Ladies

Hello God!

Thank You for my happy Destiny. My way is beautiful. I was born in USSR but educated in Western tradition. This rich composition allows me analyzing two different world, I suppose.

On the photo below we see two women which are on the one stage together. The stage is the formal dinner in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, where Khrushchev and Kennedy appeared together for the only time and in the company of their wives Nina Khrushchev and Jackie Kennedy.


For Kennedy, who had become President in the same 1961 year, it was his first meeting with his great opposite number one from the Soviet Union.

“I never met a man like this,” Kennedy told Hugh Sidey, Time magazine’s White House correspondent. “[I] talked about how a nuclear exchange would kill 70 million people in 10 minutes, and he just looked at me as if to say, ‘So what?’”

At their final meeting, Kennedy sought to improve the chilled atmosphere over Berlin. “It is up to the U.S. to decide whether there will be war or peace,” Khrushchev said. “Then, Mr. Chairman,” Kennedy responded, “there will be war. It will be a cold winter.”


At the first glimpse we see the clear contrast between the looks of the First Ladies. Jackie is fashionable and sophisticated and Nina is provincial and shapeless. But mindful view understands that the visible differences in appearance of two ladies are just the tip of the iceberg.


Jackie is 32 y.o and Nina is 61 y.o. here. Jackie’s father, John, was a wealthy stockbroker on Wall Street whose family had come from France. Nina’s father was a poor peasant from the village in Ukraine. At the age of 22 y.o. Jackie enjoyed her youth in the George Washington University. Nina in her 22 y.o. was suffering by typhoid fever and lived in the village house even without floor just ground.


Jackie and Nina were a very strong women. They both were bitterly crying when their children were lost. Jackie’s third child Patrick died after two days from the birth. Nina had buried her daughter Elena.

They both loved their husbands and they both became a widows. Kennedy was killed and Jackie became a widow at age 34. Khrushchev died of a heart attack in a hospital near his home in Moscow on 1971. Nina was a little lucky because she was 71 y.o.

Jackie died of a form of cancer of the lymphatic system. She was 64 years old. Nina died at 84 y.o.

What the complicated Destinies we have just touched!

At the first glimpse we all are different. But see attentively: for every mother her child is value, every girls dream about Prince’s love, every boys dream to become an astronaut. Our tears are the same about loss and pain. Our joys are the same about happiness in our families and peace in our countries.

Thank you for sharing with me this peaceful moment.

What If

Hello God!

Thank You for the questions we are not able to find an answer at this very moment of our personal development. My question is “What If  something had never happened?” Today I am thinking about “What If  the World War II had never happened?”

I am from Belarus. My country was suffered by World War II badly. It is hard to imagine but “in total, Belarus lost a quarter of its population in World War II including practically all its intellectual elite. About 9 200 villages and 1.2 million houses were destroyed”. Every Belorussian family has a member – participant of this war.

The portrait of Hitler in my educational background was definite and unequivocal as monster tyrant and embodiment of all possible evil. I am stumbled and dumbfounded by Hitler’s paintings I did not know about.


Before he waged war on the world, Adolf Hitler was an upcoming and unsuccessful artist. He was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (1907-1908), because of his “unfitness for painting”.


After the rejections from the Academy of Fine Arts, he was recommended to study architecture. Following this recommendation, he intended to pursue architectural studies, yet he lacked the academic credentials required for architecture school.


Hitler wrote in his diary: “In a few days I myself knew that I should some day become an architect. To be sure, it was an incredibly hard road; for the studies I had neglected out of spite at the Realschule were sorely needed. One could not attend the Academy’s architectural school without having attended the building school at the Technic, and the latter required a high-school degree. I had none of all this. The fulfillment of my artistic dream seemed physically impossible.”


Hitler’s personality is complicated.  Everybody knows that he was a military tyrant and a murderer, not that he actually had great potential.


Hitler did not create all horror of the war by his own. Unfathomable myriad of factors, like the circumstances of the time, people thoughts, fears and hopes created the reality where Hitler was possible.

We are creating the reality where we are possible as individuals realizing unique potential to knit our every next moment. We have to be responsible for every thoughts and decision and always remember about Butterfly effect.

Could the professor of the Academy of Fine Art imagine the consequences of his decision to reject Hitler on the exam?

It seems I have found the answer on my question I was thinking about today. What If  the World War II had never happened? If Adolf Hitler had been attended to the Academy, if the World War II had never happened, my life was not possible, I had never had a chance to write this words and meet you.

I am grateful for this possibility to live and your being with me now. Thank you!

La Pianiste

Hello God!

Thank You for the sky where stars twinkle all the time of our being. We are under Viennese sky again. I love bright and pulsing light of Elfriede Jelinek‘s Star Genius.

She is genius in her fragility beauty and intellect.

I think Elfriede Jelinek is the only woman who is gifted to open with pianist’s sensitivity complicated puzzled and mystique universe of Woman. To emphasize a fragility and beauty of woman let me accompany this post by nice paintings of the pianist (La Pianiste in French). She does not afraid to tell the truth about the banal and domestic horror of everyday life where woman can live and just how pathetic and awful we can be. Her “Women as lovers” is picturesque, I recommend to read the novel. Perhaps because “Very few women wait for Mr. Right. Most women take the first and worst Mr. Wrong,” Elfriede Jelinek explains in “The Piano Teacher”.

Her intellect is confirmed by The Nobel Prize in Literature 2004 “for her musical flow of voices and counter-voices in novels and plays that with extraordinary linguistic zeal reveal the absurdity of society’s clichés and their subjugating power”.

Jelinek studied music intensively from an early age. She graduated from the Vienna Conservatory and studied theater and art history at the University of Vienna. In a 2004 interview Jelinek explained, “My training in music and composition then led me to a kind of musical language process in which, for example, the sound of the words I play with has to expose their true meaning against their will so to speak.”

Francis Day “The Piano Lesson” (1895)


“I have a feeling that you despise your body and that you only value art, you only value your argent needs, but eating and sleeping aren’t enough. You believe that your appearance is your enemy, and the only friend you have is music. Why look just in the mirror, look at your reflection, you’ll never find a better friend that yourself,” Elfriede advises in “The Piano Teacher”.

Pianist by John Michael Carter


I am listening miraculous music in her language: “When discussing Bach’s six Brandenburg concertos, the artistically aware person usually states, among other things, that when these masterpieces were composed, the stars were dancing in heavens. God and his dwelling place are always involved whenever these people talk about Bach.”

By the way “The Piano Teacher” was made into a feature film in 2001. This movie is unforgettable.

At the piano by Frederick Childe Hassam


“The world would be a lot better off if it paid more attention to its philosophers and artists than to its own tiny egotistic spirit, which lacks an overview. People should place their belief in Beethoven and Socrates”, Elfriede writes in “Wonderful, Wonderful Times”

Marguerite Gachet At The Piano by Vincent Van Gogh (1890)


Thank you very much for our walking under Viennese sky. Our hearts are beating in unison because from now, from this very moment, we place our belief in Beethoven and Socrates to make our world better.

Funny Mr.F

Hello God!

Thank You for my dreams I see every night. I love to laugh in my dreams. Last night I saw wonderful and happy dream. I had met on the sofa, oh la la, with enigmatic Mr. F. We were laughing aloud until I had awoken and opened my eyes. Funny Mr. F. makes my happy today. Ha-ha-ha, it seems the dream have predicted that I am going to read the article “Playfulness and Humor in the Psychoanalytic Relationship”.

“In 2001, Time Magazine referred to Mr.F. as one of the most important thinkers of the last century. And in 2006 Newsweek article called him “history’s most debunked doctor” I am surprised by so ambivalent approach. Could you guess who is funny Mr. F.?

My previous posts were about Vienna and you know to think and write about this legendary city is impossible without light of its intellectual stars. The brightest from them is “father of psychoanalysis“, everybody guesses, Sigmund Freud.

“Psychoanalysis is in essence a cure through love,” Sigmund writes about his brain child.


The aim of psychoanalysis therapy is to release repressed emotions and experiences, i.e. make the unconscious conscious. He believes that nothing you do occurs by chance; every action and thought is motivated by your unconscious at some level.

Freud slip is defined as a written or spoken mistake that brings insight to one’s unconscious desires, idea, and drive.

I have seen this wonderful design of chairs in Austria. What is your “free association” about the photo below? I associate the picture with a place of meeting of fishes from different seas like important diplomatic mission or group therapy as in “Finding Nemo” cartoon.


Sigmund Freud developed the use of “Talk Therapy”.

In psychoanalysis, the patient typically comes four times a week, lies on a couch, and attempts to communicate as openly and freely as possible, saying whatever comes to mind.

I love this joke:

Neurotics build castles in the sky.

Psychotics live in them.

Psychiatrists collect the rent.

Freud Sofa is below.


“The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?'” Freud puzzled.

Prada, Prada knows the answer, dear funny Mr. F.

Thank you for your smile and happy mold (oh, Freud slip, I mean “mood”) :-)! I keep my happy mold (mood) because of you.

Chocolate Symphony

Hello God!

Thank You for my sophisticated tongue which is able to feel chocolate symphony by my whole existence. When I think about chocolate I can create a joyful poem devoted to your smile.

Pleasure lives

Where Sugar is loved.

Chocolate orchestra plays

When soul is full…

I am a conductor of

This Symphony.

It seems we are going to spend our weekend in the legendary city of pleasure. Vienna as unthinkable without music as unimaginable without its famous desserts.


Franz Landtmann opened Vienna’s most elegant Café in 1873.


Landtmann Cafe is known for many meetings of leading industrialists and politicians in Austria, and the preferred coffee house of, such as Sigmund Freud, Gustav Mahler, Peter Altenberg, Felix Salten, Emmerich Kálmán.


It is wonderful experience to listen and try conducting the symphony of desserts in Landtmann Cafe. I recommend.

And now, Ta Dam! Ta Dam! we are close to the culmination of Chocolate symphony: Zaher cake!


Sachertorte or Zaher (photo) cake is a specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna. The Prince have declared, “Let there be no shame on me tonight!” The torte created by Sacher have delighted Metternich’s guests, and the dessert received further attention.

I am reading the recipe as music scores for orchestra. Oh, I see the theme: chocolate, than crescendo Chocolate, than fortissimo CHOCOlate! I love that: “a layered chocolate cake filled with apricot jam is coated in Chocolate ganache and finished with a CHOCOlate glaze.”

Applauses and ovations to the orchestra and conductor are from grateful audience. Thank You for coming in my concert hall. I am grateful and happy to see you.

Hymn to Pleasure

Hello God!

Thank You for Friday. Today is going to be your happy Friday because we will immerse in the city of pleasure. This is Vienna. I have been in Vienna and I must say this city is the hymn to pleasure and “the only city in the world which would have been unthinkable without music”.

Tram-pa-pa Tram-pa-pa, of course, we are feeling the rhythm and joyful motive of Waltz. And I am sure in 99% we are singing some melodies from Johann Strauss II masterpieces. Strauss wrote over 400 waltzes, one of them mirrors the mood of Vienna: “Wine, Women and Song”!

“Wine, Women and Song” is a hendiatris that endorses hedonistic lifestyles or behaviors. In modern times, it is usually seen in the form “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.” (Hendiatris is a figure of speech used for emphasis, in which three words are used to express one idea. (from wikipedia)


The Waltz King Johann Strauss II was born in Vienna, the son of Johann Strauss I, another composer of dance music. His father did not wish him to become a composer, but rather a banker. Nevertheless, Strauss Junior studied the violin secretly as a child. Vital force and Inspiration are stronger than parent’s will and, fortunately, we have a happy chance to listen and sing the wonderful and light motives from Johann Strauss the Son now.

Vienna’s centrally located Stadtpark features a prominent golden statue of Strauss playing the violin. Everywhere there is song and sound.


“It was the city of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert; of Brahms and Bruckner, Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoenberg. From it had emanated the Strauss waltzes which flowed around the world, everywhere preaching the gospel of life’s enjoyment in three-quarter time,” Max Graf writes in “Legend of a Musical City”.


And, as in all fairy-tales, life there is easier, more brilliant and more exciting than anywhere else.


The waltzes Johann wrote for Vienna’s glittering balls, or for its charming cafes and gardens, made the waltz the world’s favorite dance, and made Vienna itself the most romantic of cities in the eyes and ears of the rest of the world. Vienna is the city of pleasure we are immersed now.


I do hope your today’s Friday is happy because the waltz’s motive in your head. My today’s Friday is happy because of the hymn of pleasure I am singing now. Thank You!

“Who does not Love Wine Wife & Song will be a Fool for his Lifelong!”