Christmas Arabesque

Hello God!

Thank You for Christmas!

As Today’s present, please accept my fresh-created Arabesque with wonderful pictures generously spiced by my heart’s rays and soul’s smiles.


Beautiful Angel of Winter

In her best snowstorm lace dress

Lining by glistering pearls

Covers a trees by a shimmering shawl.

The First Angel

Christmas Angel by His wings is

Drawing a pictures of frosty patterns –

Windows are His tender eyes

We are reflecting in.

Playing with Angels

Bright stars smile to children

Playing with angels at Today’s golden morning

Snow Man from brilliant snowflakes

Is happily smiling arising.

Happy Parade

Snow Parade of White Peace is

Marching by Spirit of Joy.

Angel of Christmas are leading

With sun sounds of His trumpet.

Make a wish

Make a Wish with a taste of snowflakes

Miraculous dance of Universe atoms

You are feeling… Light is inside You,

Christmas Angel loves You.

May your life be colorful magnificent, shimmering and joyful, as the magic of Christmas spreads on you Merry Christmas! Hug You with tenderness and warmness my entire being can produce.

Privet, Pushkin!

Hello God!

Thank You for Pushkin. He is my favourite poet since I am 3 y.o. A memories from childhood define a happiness as a feeling which influences on whole life.

As for me happiness is a December’s evening and my mother or grandmother is reading for me a fairy tale by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin. I am sitting near a window and feeling the North breath of Ded Moroz. I am dancing as a ballerina with snowflakes and the words of fairy poetry by Pushkin are our rhythmic pulse of music of imagination…

Today I am reading Pushkin’s fairy tales for my daughter.

Hello Pushkin

Oh, do you recognise our old friend cat Vasya? Happy meeting has happened today and Vladimir Rumyantsev, the painter, has illustrated it.

In snow St. Petersburg along Neva embarkment Alexandr Pushkin is in hurry to his beloved Natasha with a thoughts about a new fairytale. “Privet, Pushkin!” he suddenly stopped and saw a small creature – a cat. “Mmm, sorry, I heard your voice?” Pushkin is puzzled. “And you think a cats can only myay-maya-meowing” Vasya frowned, and said, “I am special, I can read your thoughts – and what you are keeping in your mind now is actually not a fairytale“.

Pushkin and Vasya

“Could you help me, dear Vasya to create a good poem?” Alexandr asked, “instead I provide a plate of milk and my warm company for you”. “Mmmmyay I should think for a moment,” answered Vasya.

“Well, let’s go and write! Our happy duet is going to create” Pushkn and Vasya said in unison.

Pushkin and Vasya

“There’s a green oak by the bay,
on the oak a chain of gold:
a learned cat, night and day,
walks round on that chain of old:
to the right – it spins a song,
to the left – a tale of wrong.
Marvels there: the wood-sprite rides,
in the leaves a mermaid hides:
on deep paths of mystery
unknown creatures leave their spoor:
huts on hen’s legs you can see,
with no window and no door…”


My daughter loves the story and we are inspired to create together this Christmas tree decoration.

Vasya continues to dictate:

“And I was there and I drank mead,
I saw the green oak by the sea,
I sat there while the learned cat
told its stories – here’s one that
I remember, and I’ll unfurl,
a story now for all the world…”

Please enjoy Vasya and Pushkin’s masterpiece.

Thank you, my reader, for your smile and light from your beautiful eyes because of you I am here.



Three Sisters

Hello God!

Thank You for today. Often we think that it is just another day in our life. You know what? It is not just another day: it is the day that is given to us.

Today is Thanksgiving. Every language in the world has a way of saying “thank you”. In English the Latin root of the word “gratitude” is “grate” or “gratis” – a given gift – and from this same root we get our word “grace”, which means a gift freely given.

We all are gifted by Today. Three miraculous minutes of gratitude are visiting us to remind that we are engaged in a Miracle which we do not even recognise.

I have read in one book that a state of gratitude is the door to which all of the other beautiful aspects of consciousness begin to flower. When we project gratitude and thankfulness from the core of our being we are powerfully affirming and raising the value of our life and every life we contact with.

Just three minutes in a day for gratitude three sisters on the painting “Rice Harvest” by Hermel Alejandre ask to open the gate to Miracle we recognise.


Three minutes are sisters
Their beauty gives wings
To fly in blue Skye
of each other’s eyes.

The first sister is morning Aurora
She celebrates your breathing
Heart’s beating and opening your eyes.
Your body is alive today
Say “Thank You” for awakening!

The second sister is daylight Anora
Her beauty in a dance of seasons
She is in joyful Fa major of summer
She is in sweet November si minor.
Say “Thank You” for this day!

The third is sparkling star Alzubra
Her beauty is in mystic night
She wears a velvet coat
You are embroidering by silk of your dreams
Say “Thank You” for your calm night!

I think Edvard Grieg in the first piece of his “Peer Gynt” suite shares his gratitude in the perfect way.

Thank You for sharing Your Light and Happy Thanksgiving!




Dark Twin

Hello God!

Thank You for Halloween. We are in the town of Fear, where Horror pulls us down. Svetlana Bobrova, the photographer, helps you to see what I am writing about. So it is time to meet your daaaaark twin.

I am your Fear,

Your darkest twin brother.

Your body fills with a dreadful chill,

When I am near.

By why? I am your mirror.

Paralyzed? Oh, it is just the beginning.

Halloween Horror

Come to me and let me hug you!

Soon we’ll be one instead of two,

I shall take you with me into my woody coffin…

You turn the switch, seeking light.

Ha-ha-ha-ha! The bulb is dead.

We are alone tonight, my darling,

We are together.  No light came…

You think of going back to bed.

Antidepressants – please, do not forget!!!

Dark Twin

I take you under the ground,

I make you run and hide –

My ghosts are pale and white –

You sweat and tremble, Why?

Blood-sucking Vamps and zombies

Walk around… You scream!

“I am not dead. I am in my bed – not woody coffin!”

Your mind is drifting and whirling around…

Calm night

It is just a dream you can change every moment.

You are alive. Accept your dark twin, fear, you’ll find peace.

Happy psychotherapist is growing roses –

Antidepressants do not work, a smell of roses he prescribes!

Thank You for this possibility to meet my own dark twin. I am laughing with her, and we are a good company in smelling roses together. You can join.

Have a beautiful night!


Margarita, The Ship

Hello God!

Thank You for today! Today is the significant day. 6 years ago I received a tiny ship named by Margarita from an angel’s hands in a white robe.

It happened at 9.45 am in the morning. Under epidural anaesthesia through bright light of medical lamp or it was sun light or the sum of the whole light of the Universe I had seen my daughter at the first time.

The song of the first cry of my child was breathtaking and indescribably beautiful. The orchestra of new life was playing Magnificat in C-Dur and I remember the Solo Soprano voice of Angel Anastasia: “Good morning! I am a neonatologist. Everything is all right with your child. My congratulations!”

Michael Cheval, the artist, illustrates on the paintings “On the Way of Destiny” my today’s thoughts.

Margarita, The Ship

The happiest moment of my life is

When I became a mother.

I have received a tiny ship

Named by Margarita from angel’s hands

In white-white robe.

My single aim is to deliver her to the Ocean…

The orchestra plays magnificent Magnificat in C-Dur by Telemann. Do you hear the first inspiration of a new life?

We love and enjoy our beautiful Way of Destiny. Happy Birthday, Margarita!

Thank You for this possibility to share our Way. Have a happy day!

Juggling Me

Hello God!

Thank You for Your sparkling and reading eyes I am feeling now. The sharp joy to meet and feel You again is overflowing my whole Universe.

I was playing with a quantum particles on a waves of small village where in a pastoral landscapes and in Internet-free zone I read a very good book “Quantum Consciousness: The Guide to Experiencing Quantum Psychology” by Stephen Wolinsky. And I have to admit that the company of Stephen Wolinsky was great. Then when I thought about this post the artist, very gifted Michael Cheval jointed to us. We were floating on a waves of the Ocean of Quantum Consciousness and juggling a particles creating this reality where reading these words is possible.

You are on the same waves with us and you will find out its very soon.

The Ocean

Quantum physics has produced a stunning subatomic mosaic that demonstrates the underlying unity of the universe. So Quantum Consciousness is essentially unity consciousness. Quantum Psychology asks the practitioner (1) to observe (Sufi and Eastern traditions), (2) take responsibility and experience subjective reality (Westen psychotherapy), and (3) realize the observer is creating the act of observation its subjective thoughts, feelings, etc. (quantum physics).

Creator of Reality

“If one perceives the cosmos as mere jugglery conjured up by some juggler or magician, or sees the world as a painting… then they will experience great happiness” – I am reading in the book.

Stephen Wolinsky suggests the following Quantum Exercise – let’s do it together:”Close your eyes for a few minutes and think about or imagine that the world is just like juggling, like something produced by a juggler in the circus, and that everything is being constantly juggled very spontaneously, almost like a magician’s trick and that, somehow, everyone and everything landed this way.”


“Let your mind expand to imagine that the world is like juggling, a magician’s trick. Somehow, it all landed here, and everybody somehow lands where they do.”

Contemplate the freedom, if the world is just a magician’s trick.

Now open your eyes and look around  – you are a juggler in creating the reality you observe. Are you feeling the waves of infinite freedom we are on now?

Thank You, thank You very much for creating the reality where Juggling Me and Juggling You is possible.


Flower of Life

Hello God!

Thank You for the Flower of Life. It is the gift of Forgiveness. For visualising my thoughts I am happy to share with you warm, sunny and beautiful paintings by Andrea Bruek.

You know after publishing the previous post about the plane catastrophe I have met a really devastating sense of powerless and meaningless about life. As a snow ball is getting larger, circling around and around in a snow abyss, the ball of my dark and heavy thoughts was getting larger and larger until I was trapped completely in the cage of fears and doubts.

Please forgive me for this behaviour.

Peaceful Beach

Forgiveness is our life long path. It is ongoing, always a work in progress. There is a place we can meet. You and me. I am waiting for you here. Please help me to stop recycling anger and blame.


With the flower of life by the words of Paul Ferrini I am asking: “From the depth of my soul, I call out for growth. I pray to be released from my burdens and to discover and express my gifts. From deep within my pain, I call for peace. From deep within my co-dependency, I call for the courage and the freedom to be myself, to forgive myself, and to forgive all others.”

Gods Garden of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is how we bring peace to ourselves and our world.

Thank You for your forgiveness and I am happily keeping your hand in mine here sitting on the bench of Peace.

Have a forgiving week!

Breeze of Tenderness

I am lying on grass of sweet meadow. I feel beauty of July on my cheeks. Have a happy and sunny July!

Glorialana Magazine

Hello God!

Thank You for the breeze of tenderness I am feeling on my cheek now.

Serene shore in silent morning
Orchids of orange joy
Lovers as natural as waves
Children laughing in the breeze
Ships as mystical as stars
How can I make you feel beautiful?..


The interrupted sleep by Francois Boucher, 1750

Have a tender weekend!

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June-Louis Jazz

Hello God!

Thank You for Summer and happy sounds of music playing in every souls and hearts celebrating the most wonderful season in year. As for me this music is jazz syncopated tune of “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong.

Miracle has just happened – I have met the Angel of Louis Armstrong and his divine jazz band!  The Angel’s name is June Armstrong!


Do you recognise him? I did it from the first sight. Marina Chaikovskaya, the artist, has created the angel and I have met Louis Amstrong’s soul in him. The experience is astonishing and I am happy to share it with you. Please, see in these soulfully closed eyes and his living trumpet – the Angel’s inspiration reflects in your own lungs!

You know it is extremely difficult to write about jazz. How to describe something aural we can simply feel. He plays jazz and lives in his music. We are happily dancing with the Angel of Louis. That June-Louis knows how to agitate every our cells!


June-Louis’s band is supporting divine rhythmical motion and structure of our whole world. We respond with our bodies and our feelings.

As life jazz is built on the unexpected. Louis Armstrong says “My whole life has been happiness. Through all my misfortunes, I did not plan anything. Life was there for me, and I accepted it. And life, whatever came out, has been beautiful to me, and I love everybody.” Accepting life in the full gamma in major and minor is a good lesson from divine June-Louis jazz band we can learn.


“We have all the time in the world
Just for love
Nothing more, nothing less
Only love

Only love.” Louis Armstrong is singing and we are his chorus the Angel with a trumpet is conducting…

Thank you for feeling and singing the song. Summer promises to be very happy. We will enjoy June!

Miss Melancholetta

Hello God!

Thank You for Miss Melancholetta! The saddest girl in the world was my company for last two weeks.

First week in her hugs was wonderful. We were walking without an umbrellas under spring rain and listening Chopin’s preludes. The most relevant to our mood was Prelude No.15 known as the “Raindrop” prelude. I even had found my old sheets of the Prelude and played it to my guest Miss Melancholetta. As for me the piece is difficult, lasting between five and seven minutes, this is the longest of the preludes and a pianist has to be in balanced condition as in balancing asanas in yoga practice. Balancing mood especially in my gust’s company is not my strong side.

We were declaiming a poems, of course, and because we are girls, about love for whole week. Our favourite is Love by Pablo Neruda:


Because of you, in gardens of blossoming
Flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring.
I have forgotten your face, I no longer
Remember your hands; how did your lips
Feel on mine?

I have forgotten your voice, your happy voice;
I have forgotten your eyes.


Like a flower to its perfume, I am bound to
My vague memory of you. I live with pain
That is like a wound; if you touch me, you will
Make to me an irreparable harm.

I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to
Glimpse you in every window.

“Oh, love! It’s so sweet, but it’s so painful, Melodramatic mood is my specialisation!” Melancholetta said when we were drying each other’s tears. A tears as raindrops… Chopin knows.

Second week with my guest was look like I was trapped. Miss Melancholetta were desperately inviting me to her old grandmother Madam Depression. I could not allow her to deliver me to Madam Depression (due to it is really, really expensive) and we made an agreement: I write a post about her and I am free.

So I am free now. Thank you, Miss Melancholetta for your sweet company. I am really grateful for your visit.

When you feel sad, please, know Miss Melancholetta has visited you. Enjoy her company for a while but do not let her to introduce you with Madam. You know who she is.

Have a happy weekend!