Three Sisters

Hello God!

Thank You for today. Often we think that it is just another day in our life. You know what? It is not just another day: it is the day that is given to us.

Today is Thanksgiving. Every language in the world has a way of saying “thank you”. In English the Latin root of the word “gratitude” is “grate” or “gratis” – a given gift – and from this same root we get our word “grace”, which means a gift freely given.

We all are gifted by Today. Three miraculous minutes of gratitude are visiting us to remind that we are engaged in a Miracle which we do not even recognise.

I have read in one book that a state of gratitude is the door to which all of the other beautiful aspects of consciousness begin to flower. When we project gratitude and thankfulness from the core of our being we are powerfully affirming and raising the value of our life and every life we contact with.

Just three minutes in a day for gratitude three sisters on the painting “Rice Harvest” by Hermel Alejandre ask to open the gate to Miracle we recognise.


Three minutes are sisters
Their beauty gives wings
To fly in blue Skye
of each other’s eyes.

The first sister is morning Aurora
She celebrates your breathing
Heart’s beating and opening your eyes.
Your body is alive today
Say “Thank You” for awakening!

The second sister is daylight Anora
Her beauty in a dance of seasons
She is in joyful Fa major of summer
She is in sweet November si minor.
Say “Thank You” for this day!

The third is sparkling star Alzubra
Her beauty is in mystic night
She wears a velvet coat
You are embroidering by silk of your dreams
Say “Thank You” for your calm night!

I think Edvard Grieg in the first piece of his “Peer Gynt” suite shares his gratitude in the perfect way.

Thank You for sharing Your Light and Happy Thanksgiving!




26 thoughts on “Three Sisters

  1. Powerful triad… I love your poem and the way you related them to light and positive vibes (the greek triad of Goddesses are sometimes dark indeed).
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😛

  2. A beautiful message in this post and yes gratitude makes our minds peaceful and content. The video clipping to is peaceful and refreshing.
    Happy thanksgiving Glorialana 🙂

  3. Wonderful Glorialana… I have missed your posts in my reader… I am ever thankful to have you within my blogging community… Lovely post… we have much to be grateful for.. Love and Blessings.. Sue ❤

  4. Beautiful and heartfelt. Something happened and I lost “following” you. I wanted to link you to my post tomorrow about Svetlana’s art, and couldn’t find you. I’m so glad you are still here, sharing your glory and your insight!

  5. It is wonderful to have you back here, creating magic in your unique way. I have been meditating on gratitude lately and have called it radical gratitude, meaning to really savor all that we are given, especially that which has been overlooked. Your poem is a great example of radical gratitude practice.

    love and life in all you do,
    lil sis Linda

  6. It’s funny — I listen Anita’s Dance all the time; in tracking down the Peer Gynt music I find it’s the name of a play. I have heard a lot of the music from it as well, and not known it.You always open so many new doors for me. I can never wait until the next adventure. You are the perfect travel companion.

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