Privet, Pushkin!

Hello God!

Thank You for Pushkin. He is my favourite poet since I am 3 y.o. A memories from childhood define a happiness as a feeling which influences on whole life.

As for me happiness is a December’s evening and my mother or grandmother is reading for me a fairy tale by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin. I am sitting near a window and feeling the North breath of Ded Moroz. I am dancing as a ballerina with snowflakes and the words of fairy poetry by Pushkin are our rhythmic pulse of music of imagination…

Today I am reading Pushkin’s fairy tales for my daughter.

Hello Pushkin

Oh, do you recognise our old friend cat Vasya? Happy meeting has happened today and Vladimir Rumyantsev, the painter, has illustrated it.

In snow St. Petersburg along Neva embarkment Alexandr Pushkin is in hurry to his beloved Natasha with a thoughts about a new fairytale. “Privet, Pushkin!” he suddenly stopped and saw a small creature – a cat. “Mmm, sorry, I heard your voice?” Pushkin is puzzled. “And you think a cats can only myay-maya-meowing” Vasya frowned, and said, “I am special, I can read your thoughts – and what you are keeping in your mind now is actually not a fairytale“.

Pushkin and Vasya

“Could you help me, dear Vasya to create a good poem?” Alexandr asked, “instead I provide a plate of milk and my warm company for you”. “Mmmmyay I should think for a moment,” answered Vasya.

“Well, let’s go and write! Our happy duet is going to create” Pushkn and Vasya said in unison.

Pushkin and Vasya

“There’s a green oak by the bay,
on the oak a chain of gold:
a learned cat, night and day,
walks round on that chain of old:
to the right – it spins a song,
to the left – a tale of wrong.
Marvels there: the wood-sprite rides,
in the leaves a mermaid hides:
on deep paths of mystery
unknown creatures leave their spoor:
huts on hen’s legs you can see,
with no window and no door…”


My daughter loves the story and we are inspired to create together this Christmas tree decoration.

Vasya continues to dictate:

“And I was there and I drank mead,
I saw the green oak by the sea,
I sat there while the learned cat
told its stories – here’s one that
I remember, and I’ll unfurl,
a story now for all the world…”

Please enjoy Vasya and Pushkin’s masterpiece.

Thank you, my reader, for your smile and light from your beautiful eyes because of you I am here.



18 thoughts on “Privet, Pushkin!

  1. Ah, such a wonderful canticle to lead us into the holiday season, Glorialana. Childhood memories are grand things aren’t they? In your case, you are remembering them, and making them with your daughter. Nice ! 🙂

    1. My beautiful Linda! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The best vibrations from my heart are hugging you and dancing around you in Christmas valse of snowflakes. Thank you for this pleasure to be a tine part of your life. A lot of smiles to you!

  2. Such a wonderful story Glorialana, and in only your posts could I find such amazing artwork to bring it all to life..
    Wishing you and your lovely family a special time at Christmas, may you all be blessed in love and health… And Have a fabulous Peaceful 2015…
    Wishing you continued Blessings
    Love Sue ❤

    1. Dear wonderful beautiful Sue! Thank You for being in my life. I am so happy to be a small part of your great world, I am so happy you like something I create!
      I wish you Love hugging your whole world and Joy following everywhere you go! Merry Christmas!

      1. Glorialana.. How can anyone fail not to like your wonderful posts and creations.. You are a wonderful Part of my Blogging community .. and so love to see your smiles and visits..

        Happy New Year to you and your family.. May you all be blessed xxx Sue

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