Dark Twin

Hello God!

Thank You for Halloween. We are in the town of Fear, where Horror pulls us down. Svetlana Bobrova, the photographer, helps you to see what I am writing about. So it is time to meet your daaaaark twin.

I am your Fear,

Your darkest twin brother.

Your body fills with a dreadful chill,

When I am near.

By why? I am your mirror.

Paralyzed? Oh, it is just the beginning.

Halloween Horror

Come to me and let me hug you!

Soon we’ll be one instead of two,

I shall take you with me into my woody coffin…

You turn the switch, seeking light.

Ha-ha-ha-ha! The bulb is dead.

We are alone tonight, my darling,

We are together.  No light came…

You think of going back to bed.

Antidepressants – please, do not forget!!!

Dark Twin

I take you under the ground,

I make you run and hide –

My ghosts are pale and white –

You sweat and tremble, Why?

Blood-sucking Vamps and zombies

Walk around… You scream!

“I am not dead. I am in my bed – not woody coffin!”

Your mind is drifting and whirling around…

Calm night

It is just a dream you can change every moment.

You are alive. Accept your dark twin, fear, you’ll find peace.

Happy psychotherapist is growing roses –

Antidepressants do not work, a smell of roses he prescribes!

Thank You for this possibility to meet my own dark twin. I am laughing with her, and we are a good company in smelling roses together. You can join.

Have a beautiful night!


17 thoughts on “Dark Twin

  1. I love this! Your poetry and images are delightful! Once a week I try to blog/show what I call “Unusual Art.” If you go to my site you will get the “feel” for my version. I truly love this artwork. Do you think your photographer twin might consent to a showcase on my blog sometime? I always give links when available. Great poem.

    1. My dear Goddess, please, sorry for a long silence – I was trapped by the dark twin. Of course, you can use every pictures you like where ever you wish! It is a pleasure for me, it is inspiring! Thank you! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. You are so skillful at crafting enchantment in your story-telling. You describe the horrors of Depression with insight and passion, yet delicacy.
    Your blog is like you, a sheer delight!

    love to you,


    1. Linda, I am here – I follow Your Light. Thank you for your unconditional love to me. Your words are sweet balsam on my heart. I am recovering and your presence in my life is the best treatment.
      Happy weekend and a big hug!

  3. Great verse.

    Indeed,the darkness within us is but the reverse side of our positivity and hope. They co-exist. The question that each one of us needs to answer is how could we align ourselves with the positivity rather than the fear.


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