Christmas Arabesque

Hello God!

Thank You for Christmas!

As Today’s present, please accept my fresh-created Arabesque with wonderful pictures generously spiced by my heart’s rays and soul’s smiles.


Beautiful Angel of Winter

In her best snowstorm lace dress

Lining by glistering pearls

Covers a trees by a shimmering shawl.

The First Angel

Christmas Angel by His wings is

Drawing a pictures of frosty patterns –

Windows are His tender eyes

We are reflecting in.

Playing with Angels

Bright stars smile to children

Playing with angels at Today’s golden morning

Snow Man from brilliant snowflakes

Is happily smiling arising.

Happy Parade

Snow Parade of White Peace is

Marching by Spirit of Joy.

Angel of Christmas are leading

With sun sounds of His trumpet.

Make a wish

Make a Wish with a taste of snowflakes

Miraculous dance of Universe atoms

You are feeling… Light is inside You,

Christmas Angel loves You.

May your life be colorful magnificent, shimmering and joyful, as the magic of Christmas spreads on you Merry Christmas! Hug You with tenderness and warmness my entire being can produce.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Arabesque

  1. Dear big sis,
    I thought of you and hoped to connect today and here you are on the other side of my screen 🙂

    Love this prayer: Make a Wish with a taste of snowflakes
    Miraculous dance of Universe atoms
    You are feeling… Light is inside You,
    Christmas Angel loves You.

    The light inside me grew brighter and higher once arriving here, taking in the beauty and awe you so brilliantly and lovingly provide.

    Big hugs over the ocean and into your heart.

    Merry Christmas,
    lil sis Linda

  2. I am touched, so beautiful!

    Let us praise the Lord
    For his the christmas day!!
    The birthday of our savior Jesus.
    Blessing and happiness for those who believes
    Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Pure loveliness! Thank you for this delightful post. Warmest wishes for ongoing joy and peace this Christmas season. 🙂

  4. The haunting minor chords and angelic voices make this song a delight for the mind and body. You pictures are delicate and delightful as you are, your poetry always touching that hidden part of our soul. What a perfect package you are! Wishing you light and magic now and for the New Year to come.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, and for the video of the Carol Of The Bells.Please keep up all that you do for the cause of Christ.

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