Rhapsody in Blue

Hello God!

Thank You for George Gershwin. Sometimes life is difficult and to live, even to breath, is hard.

But we always have jazz. “Jazz is one of the best things you can find in your life, it can always be your friend” George said optimistically.

I am walking along the GUM show windows and the invisible jazz band are playing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue…

November Rhapsody

Blue beat of Gershwin’s heart makes

Our souls tapping out George’s rhythm.

Where had he got it?

From the sounds of the streets –

Melancholic legato of sadness in rain,

Bright lights of the city offbeat loneliness.

Ironic staccato of creaking taxi

And strenuous squeak of a tram dismantle

Black wall of the fear and hysteria.

Blue light of the Rhapsody is inside us.

Sunday Rhapsody

In rows of streets in trum-pa-paam,

We move together in tandem.

First La, then Fa, then Sol with Si syncope,

We are performing the Rhapsody.

Our souls are lighting by Blue sounds.

Our bodies are dancing in Blue ballet,

Our minds are singing with Blue dreams.

Please listen Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin.

George Gershwin explains the happiness rule: “Life is a lot like jazz. It’s best when you improvise”. Today and always we improvise with smiles and Blue light directly from the Sky.

Thank you for your uplifting mood. I am incredibly happy to have this possibility to light in Blue your day.

June-Louis Jazz

Hello God!

Thank You for Summer and happy sounds of music playing in every souls and hearts celebrating the most wonderful season in year. As for me this music is jazz syncopated tune of “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong.

Miracle has just happened – I have met the Angel of Louis Armstrong and his divine jazz band!  The Angel’s name is June Armstrong!


Do you recognise him? I did it from the first sight. Marina Chaikovskaya, the artist, has created the angel and I have met Louis Amstrong’s soul in him. The experience is astonishing and I am happy to share it with you. Please, see in these soulfully closed eyes and his living trumpet – the Angel’s inspiration reflects in your own lungs!

You know it is extremely difficult to write about jazz. How to describe something aural we can simply feel. He plays jazz and lives in his music. We are happily dancing with the Angel of Louis. That June-Louis knows how to agitate every our cells!


June-Louis’s band is supporting divine rhythmical motion and structure of our whole world. We respond with our bodies and our feelings.

As life jazz is built on the unexpected. Louis Armstrong says “My whole life has been happiness. Through all my misfortunes, I did not plan anything. Life was there for me, and I accepted it. And life, whatever came out, has been beautiful to me, and I love everybody.” Accepting life in the full gamma in major and minor is a good lesson from divine June-Louis jazz band we can learn.


“We have all the time in the world
Just for love
Nothing more, nothing less
Only love

Only love.” Louis Armstrong is singing and we are his chorus the Angel with a trumpet is conducting…

Thank you for feeling and singing the song. Summer promises to be very happy. We will enjoy June!