Florian Dior

Hello God!

Thank You for Christian Dior. May inspires to imagine and my today’s hero is a little boy with a big almond’s eyes. I named him Florian Dior.

I am lucky to find the images of floral dresses by Tasmanian fashion designer Sandra Alcorn and allow myself to immerse in the floral fantasy where the Goddess Flora is blessing little Christian Dior and all of us.

Florian Dior

It happened in Granville, Normandia’s town

In the garden of the seaside villa.

Little Florian was born here

And Goddess Flora kissed him in his eyes.

Morning dressYou are blessed, the happy boy,

With My Beauty in your heart.

Make the world to bloom is

You way and destiny.


Geranium Petals DressFlora, Godmother of the boy,

Opens the worlds of flowers to him.

Florian Dior creates and enjoys

Geranium Petals Dresses in his sandbox…

Hellebore roses of winter

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world,” big Christian  Dior writes his Godmother’s words in his “The Little Dictionary of Fashion to Dress Sense for Every Woman”, remembering the time when he was little Florian.

Pansy Dress

Goddess Flora guides Dior’s inspiration from her first kiss to little Florian.

Corolle (literally the botanical term corolla or circlet of flower petals in English) is the name of the line of Dior’s first collection, presented in 1947. His New Look is the image of the flower-woman. Dior sets the fashion of blooming silhouette like a flower’s corolla with the waist is thin as its stem, and of fairy flowery fabrics with colors of his beloved Normandy’s sky and sea.

Fushia Dress


“But being so sweet and so charming they must be used with care. A flowered hat may be lovely or ridiculous. A flower in your buttonhole or in your belt or in your decollete may be extremely nice… but choose a variety of flower and a color to suit your personality,” Dior shares the advises of Goddess Flora in his Dictionary.

“Flowered prints I think are wonerful…silk prints in beautiful colors are lovely for afternoon suits, dinner frocks, or cocktail dresses” – I follow you, Dior.

Dior 1949.jpg

Christian Dior emphasizes: “… flowers can bring a touch of color to a dark dress. A spray of purple pansies and yellow gold  mimosa can do wonders to light up a dark dress.”  And you know a spray of purple pansies and yellow gold  mimosa can do wonders to light up everything dark and let me hugging you with this spray of golden rays of the Goddess of Flora.

Little Florian Dior enjoys a dreams in Granville. He is sharing its with you by Christian Dior – Haute Couture video:

I am feeling Flora’s kisses on my cheeks opening her world. Thank you for the bliss, the Goddess of Flora, we are all touched by you. Thank you, Florian Dior, for your happy realization.

So Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to be fresh and new and colorful just like the flowers!


Spring Waltz

Hello God!

Thank You for Spring. “The World is very old; but every Spring it grows young again…” We are all young and lucky to live and feel the Joy of Spring!

Let’s celebrate the season of new hope and of new beginning! I have chosen some dresses by the House of Dior, of course, because who has doubts in that Dior created Woman? We are going to whirl in a waltz by brilliant Johann Strauss in a beautiful dresses. And a happy Voice of Spring is really sweet and promising!

65.34.17a-c 0001

The lark rises into the blue,
the mellow wind mildly blowing;
his lovely mild breath revives
and kisses the field, the meadow.

64.256.2a-b 0001
Spring in all its splendour rises,
ah, all hardship is over,
sorrow becomes milder,
good expectations,
the belief in happiness returns;
sunshine, you warm us,
ah, all is laughing, oh,oh awakes!


A fountain of songs is rising,
who has been silent for too long;
from the brush sounds clear and light
the sweet voice again!

Green Silk Dress
Ah, gently the nightingale lets
stream the first notes,
so as not to disturb the queen;
hush, all you other singers!

Dior Cocktail

More powerful soon chimes her sweet voice.
Oh, soon, oh, oh soon!

Spring Waltz is in air, dance it with me and enjoy the beating of our heart! I love your eyes with sparkling blue and green vibrations synchronised with the rhythm of the music. We are whirling in waltz…

Thank You for dance and inspiration and have a happy Spring!

Dior Doll Lesson

Hello God!

Thank You for my daughter. We are girls and our favorite game is to wear a paper dolls.

The best way to learn a child is a game. The game with Dior paper dolls is for cultivating classic style and elegant attitude to clothing. I am a little afraid to see my daughter in goth style with face piercing when she will be a teenager. So my pink Dior glasses give me a hope.



Beautiful girls Renne and Lisa are from Paris. They will teach us how to became a true Dior Lady.


Jacket with a pleated skirt is a classical suit with french charm.


Emphasizing waist is compulsory element of your dresses.


Wool jacket with the bowl and drapery dress are the most chic for winter.


Hats are the objects of attention in every look. Your eyes should  sparkle.



Evening gown is epitome of elegance and femininity.  A glass of champagne can be a good accessorie.


Mink coat is great for visiting Opera.


Floral silk dress is a classic hook for the first picnic with special yesterday’s acquaintance.


What’s the wonderful mix of colors! Orange with pink sounds harmonious. Three piece ensemble in grey is great for work.


“A-line” suit is for brave and stylish girls. Add veil and lilac bouquet and you admire an attention from all around men.


Color wool suit and coat make happy rainy fall days.


“Great Gatsby” style is on the verge of fashion today.


In conclusion of the lesson the advice from Thomas Hillgrove is relevant: “Ladies should also remember that gentlemen look more to the effect of a dress in setting off the figure and countenance of a lady than to its cost. Very few gentlemen have any idea the value of ladies’ dresses. This is a subject for female criticism. Beauty of person and elegance of manners in women will always command more admiration from the opposite sex than beauty, elegance or costliness of clothing.”  The Scholars’ Companion and Ball Room Vade Mecum,

Thank you for your attention. I am happy to see you elegant and charming!

Dior Child

Hello God!

Thank You for the 1st of August. Today is the Birthday of ingenious fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

In the early 1950s, a young Yves Saint Laurent arrived in Paris, armed with an array of fashion sketches. Within a year, the 18-year-old student of haute couture was snapped up by Christian Dior and hired as his studio assistant.


When in 1957, Christian Dior passed away unexpectedly, Saint Laurent became Dior’s head designer. His first independent collection, the «Trapèze» collection, presented in January 1958, was an immense success. The shy young man in glasses and a clean-cut looking suit was only 22.


After Yves Saint Laurent’s “Trapese” collection was shown the press declared that “Saint Laurent has saved French fashion” and “the great Dior tradition will continue.”


It included one of Saint Laurent’s first and most famous innovations – the trapeze dress.


Saint Laurent’s “Trapeze” was permeated by a mischievous spirit of youth. His dresses were known for their sharp lines and unusual proportions and length.


“Will this young man be able to uphold Dior’s traditions of high couture?” the press wondered before the showing.


But all doubts vanished. Dior child with his own long and beautiful way was born under the bright Star!

Happy Birthday dear Yves Saint Laurent! Thank you for Your Gift dedicated to Woman: “It pains me physically to see a woman victimized, rendered pathetic, by fashion… What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

I am happy to celebrate  Yves Saint Laurent’s Birthday with you. Thank you for your happiness to live.

Red Square Dior

Hello God!

Thank You for our ability to change. Everything is changing. Dior is in Moscow again. The last Dior visit in Moscow was in far 1959. You can see the difference between now and 1959 I wrote about in the post Dior Me.



“The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail,” Christian Dior had predicted. I think he would be happy to see the runway Dior fall-winter 2013-2014 show at Red Square in Moscow!


I recognize that Dior on my picture I kept on under my pillow in my childhood. I love these looks! I just can not find the relevant words to describe my elation and excitement about the show!







It seems fall-winter 2013-2014 is going to be elegant and beautiful! Moscow is a really inspirational place for Dior genetically. This is classic love story a la Russe!

Thank you for this possibility to share with you my excitement about Dior.

Dior Me

Hello God!

Thank You for Dior again. Dior was the iconic name almost for every Soviet woman. Happy circumstances had brought Dior to USSR in 1959. 14 years ago the War II was finished and the winner-USSR was in the process of restoring and, what is important, curing post traumatic pain. It was the time to remember about life, peaceful life.


The Khrushchev’s Thaw had changed many aspects of the Soviet life, and fashion was one of them. A “clas­sic” cut of Dior suit was con­sid­ered “ide­o­log­i­cally neu­tral” by the Sovi­ets, as well as sta­ble and practical.

The colors of war were mixed up with dirty gray and bloody red. Dior was happily mixed up with the motley and lithe palette of the French fashion.


“Oh, I see the aliens!” We can smile now, but these faces still remember horrors of the war.Dior2

My grandmother was young and beautiful. She could be on this picture with my little mother on her hands.


My grandmother and mother usually copied a dresses from a rare magazines about fashion and they sew on the sewing machines at home. My promo dress was sew by them a la Dior!!!


I am happy because love to Dior was genetically grafted to my personality by two generations of beautiful and strong women. As for me to see the last Couture collection fall-winter’13/14 is sad.

Thank You for sharing this moment with me.

Dior Me Not

Hello God!

Thank You for Dior. I love Dior from the time I can remember myself. In my Soviet childhood Dior was the embodiment of the different planet of Beauty and Femininity. I collected every picture with Dior look and kept it under my pillow!

Yesterday I was dumbfounded by Dior Couture collection Fall-Winter 2014.


Perhaps my eyes are wrong? I can not believe them!


By the way it is a mink coat!


Is it a New Look from Dior?


Can you imagine a woman in this dress on the street? Ok,ok not on the street, on your wedding.


What’s the Autumn 2014 elegance!


This look is from my childhood when I was playing in a fiancee and my wedding dress was made from my grandmother’s curtains.


What is this? All I can say about the dress.

Thank you for your today’s smile and have a nice day!