Spring Waltz

Hello God!

Thank You for Spring. “The World is very old; but every Spring it grows young again…” We are all young and lucky to live and feel the Joy of Spring!

Let’s celebrate the season of new hope and of new beginning! I have chosen some dresses by the House of Dior, of course, because who has doubts in that Dior created Woman? We are going to whirl in a waltz by brilliant Johann Strauss in a beautiful dresses. And a happy Voice of Spring is really sweet and promising!

65.34.17a-c 0001

The lark rises into the blue,
the mellow wind mildly blowing;
his lovely mild breath revives
and kisses the field, the meadow.

64.256.2a-b 0001
Spring in all its splendour rises,
ah, all hardship is over,
sorrow becomes milder,
good expectations,
the belief in happiness returns;
sunshine, you warm us,
ah, all is laughing, oh,oh awakes!


A fountain of songs is rising,
who has been silent for too long;
from the brush sounds clear and light
the sweet voice again!

Green Silk Dress
Ah, gently the nightingale lets
stream the first notes,
so as not to disturb the queen;
hush, all you other singers!

Dior Cocktail

More powerful soon chimes her sweet voice.
Oh, soon, oh, oh soon!

Spring Waltz is in air, dance it with me and enjoy the beating of our heart! I love your eyes with sparkling blue and green vibrations synchronised with the rhythm of the music. We are whirling in waltz…

Thank You for dance and inspiration and have a happy Spring!

10 thoughts on “Spring Waltz

  1. The dress looks like Spring and Thank God for renewal every year, where a new start of a season is such a blessing. You are so precious, Glorialana! Smiles, Robin

  2. Earlier this evening I found myself writing a sad, haunted poem. Reflecting a part of my life at the moment, I guess. But I read your poem and love your dresses, and realize that wherever there is dark there is also light. Thank you for being my nite lite.

    1. Dear Claudia! It is not my poem – the words are from the song “Voice of Spring” translated from German.
      You know that your gift is in unbeattible laugh and I believe in you, my Goddess! Sometimes joy is hard work, I am with you on this way! Let’s work together!

  3. Hello Gloria Lana. 🙂 What a lovely website you have here..

    Aesthetically pleasing, spiritually uplifting and the content is a positive reflection of eclectic grandeur.

    Would you happen to have a method of contact?

    Such as.. email address, facebook page, etc?

    Thank you.

    – J. Schuyler Montague/editor
    sharia unveiled

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