Dior Me

Hello God!

Thank You for Dior again. Dior was the iconic name almost for every Soviet woman. Happy circumstances had brought Dior to USSR in 1959. 14 years ago the War II was finished and the winner-USSR was in the process of restoring and, what is important, curing post traumatic pain. It was the time to remember about life, peaceful life.


The Khrushchev’s Thaw had changed many aspects of the Soviet life, and fashion was one of them. A “clas­sic” cut of Dior suit was con­sid­ered “ide­o­log­i­cally neu­tral” by the Sovi­ets, as well as sta­ble and practical.

The colors of war were mixed up with dirty gray and bloody red. Dior was happily mixed up with the motley and lithe palette of the French fashion.


“Oh, I see the aliens!” We can smile now, but these faces still remember horrors of the war.Dior2

My grandmother was young and beautiful. She could be on this picture with my little mother on her hands.


My grandmother and mother usually copied a dresses from a rare magazines about fashion and they sew on the sewing machines at home. My promo dress was sew by them a la Dior!!!


I am happy because love to Dior was genetically grafted to my personality by two generations of beautiful and strong women. As for me to see the last Couture collection fall-winter’13/14 is sad.

Thank You for sharing this moment with me.

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