Dior Me Not

Hello God!

Thank You for Dior. I love Dior from the time I can remember myself. In my Soviet childhood Dior was the embodiment of the different planet of Beauty and Femininity. I collected every picture with Dior look and kept it under my pillow!

Yesterday I was dumbfounded by Dior Couture collection Fall-Winter 2014.


Perhaps my eyes are wrong? I can not believe them!


By the way it is a mink coat!


Is it a New Look from Dior?


Can you imagine a woman in this dress on the street? Ok,ok not on the street, on your wedding.


What’s the Autumn 2014 elegance!


This look is from my childhood when I was playing in a fiancee and my wedding dress was made from my grandmother’s curtains.


What is this? All I can say about the dress.

Thank you for your today’s smile and have a nice day!

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