Dior Doll Lesson

Hello God!

Thank You for my daughter. We are girls and our favorite game is to wear a paper dolls.

The best way to learn a child is a game. The game with Dior paper dolls is for cultivating classic style and elegant attitude to clothing. I am a little afraid to see my daughter in goth style with face piercing when she will be a teenager. So my pink Dior glasses give me a hope.



Beautiful girls Renne and Lisa are from Paris. They will teach us how to became a true Dior Lady.


Jacket with a pleated skirt is a classical suit with french charm.


Emphasizing waist is compulsory element of your dresses.


Wool jacket with the bowl and drapery dress are the most chic for winter.


Hats are the objects of attention in every look. Your eyes should  sparkle.



Evening gown is epitome of elegance and femininity.  A glass of champagne can be a good accessorie.


Mink coat is great for visiting Opera.


Floral silk dress is a classic hook for the first picnic with special yesterday’s acquaintance.


What’s the wonderful mix of colors! Orange with pink sounds harmonious. Three piece ensemble in grey is great for work.


“A-line” suit is for brave and stylish girls. Add veil and lilac bouquet and you admire an attention from all around men.


Color wool suit and coat make happy rainy fall days.


“Great Gatsby” style is on the verge of fashion today.


In conclusion of the lesson the advice from Thomas Hillgrove is relevant: “Ladies should also remember that gentlemen look more to the effect of a dress in setting off the figure and countenance of a lady than to its cost. Very few gentlemen have any idea the value of ladies’ dresses. This is a subject for female criticism. Beauty of person and elegance of manners in women will always command more admiration from the opposite sex than beauty, elegance or costliness of clothing.”  The Scholars’ Companion and Ball Room Vade Mecum,

Thank you for your attention. I am happy to see you elegant and charming!

12 thoughts on “Dior Doll Lesson

  1. OMG! What a jewel of a blog you have here! I was instantly delighted when I saw this post. I LOVED paper dolls! I love the Dior dolls, (I didn’t have those ones. :() But, my first Barbie was the one from 1960 with the high pony and a red one piece bathing suit, gold studs and red stilettos.
    At that time the little Barbie fashion catalog, was included with the doll, and these designs were very Dior. This Barbie was very special to me, she had hand crafted Dior inspired clothing. She had a red wool suit, with a pencil skirt that was lined, the short fitted blazer, lined, also had covered buttons. I was only 5 years old and I knew she was slamming, and her clothes were slamming. lol Memories.

    Thank you for taking me on that happy journey, I can’t wait to go explore your blog. I am storing happy memories to use, so this was a good one.


    I will be Following your blog. 😀

    1. Hello Sindy! Thank you for sharing with me your happy memories. In my Soviet childhood I did not know even about Barbie existence. You are a little bit happier :-). I have a happy possibility to enjoy Barbie, Dior, paper dolls and ect. now playing with my 5 y.o. daughter. Have a happy Friday!

      1. Wow, I did not realize you grew up in the Soviet, was it very different than my American childhood? I am so happy you can enjoy the high fashion and style with your little girl.

    1. Thank you very much for your follow. I am really happy to meet you, I am glad to please you. Will try to inspire you again and again. Your happiness is important for me and for the whole Universe! Thank you for this possibility to write here.

      1. Thanks a lot Glorialana! Mutual feelings there 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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