Yves Saint Laurent Paper Dolls

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I would like to add the paper doll of Yves Saint Laurent by Tom Tierney


and the quote:


Thank you for sharing with me this moment of wonderment, happiness and love.

Dutch Fashion Doll World

Since Yesterday the Foundation Pierre  Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent opened the French designer’s archives to the public online.

The Fondation Pierre Bergé– Yves Saint Laurent was created in 2002 and have his headquarters at 5, avenue Marceau in Paris. This is also the place where the duo started their couture house in 1974. This foundation has 5000 garment, 15000 accessories and tens of thousands other designs that they have carefully conserved. But because a lot of these pieces are so fragile they can’t put permanently on display.  And now thanks to a digital initiative from the French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, people all over the world will have access to fashion history.

The first online exposition is about paper dolls. At the age of 16 Yves Saint Laurent created an amazing collection of paper dolls. He used pictures from models and combined them with his sketches.

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Dior Child

Hello God!

Thank You for the 1st of August. Today is the Birthday of ingenious fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

In the early 1950s, a young Yves Saint Laurent arrived in Paris, armed with an array of fashion sketches. Within a year, the 18-year-old student of haute couture was snapped up by Christian Dior and hired as his studio assistant.


When in 1957, Christian Dior passed away unexpectedly, Saint Laurent became Dior’s head designer. His first independent collection, the «Trapèze» collection, presented in January 1958, was an immense success. The shy young man in glasses and a clean-cut looking suit was only 22.


After Yves Saint Laurent’s “Trapese” collection was shown the press declared that “Saint Laurent has saved French fashion” and “the great Dior tradition will continue.”


It included one of Saint Laurent’s first and most famous innovations – the trapeze dress.


Saint Laurent’s “Trapeze” was permeated by a mischievous spirit of youth. His dresses were known for their sharp lines and unusual proportions and length.


“Will this young man be able to uphold Dior’s traditions of high couture?” the press wondered before the showing.


But all doubts vanished. Dior child with his own long and beautiful way was born under the bright Star!

Happy Birthday dear Yves Saint Laurent! Thank you for Your Gift dedicated to Woman: “It pains me physically to see a woman victimized, rendered pathetic, by fashion… What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

I am happy to celebrate  Yves Saint Laurent’s Birthday with you. Thank you for your happiness to live.