Ball of Light

Hello God!

Thank You for the places of Power we can find and stand on its we can nurture ourselves by Your Energy and Vibration. There are moments when we touch the earth and the earth touches us and an enlightenment happens. We feel this spot instantaneously.

My daughter had found the spot when we were walking in the Royal Palace Garden in Brussels.


The girl shines brilliantly with
Her golden rays, sparkling
like vortexes of luster.

Vibrating sounds by strings of the Sky
Support the Earth Harmony, we feel
Ideal brilliance of Life!

Floating through her hands
A ball of Light we play with joy and
Mesmerized by “It is my life”!


Really our life is a ball of light. Thank you for playing the game lightball together.

I wish you a really playful week and have an easy Monday!

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