Minerva’s Kiss

Hello God!

Thank You for today’s Inspiration to be happy. Goddess of Wisdom told me a story I am in hurry to share with you.

Young King is sad. The great responsibility is on his shoulders. How to protect my people and make them happy?


Daughter of Jupiter, Minerva, the goddess of wisdom follows the King when he is walking in his garden near the palace. The book is in his hands.


There is only a small strip

With a scattered boundary

Between suffering and happiness.

Life is so changeable

Like the weather.

And a habitual melancholy

Tiptoes silently…


Minerva says: so it be,

Your happiness will return

When I kiss your dry lips…

And the silver trumpets will sing again!

by Shvedchikov A.


Walking in Royal Palace Garden in Brussels I shot these photos. The book is my French finding.

Minerva follows us and kisses by her infinitive wisdom to live joyfully here and now. Thank you for your kiss.