La Pianiste

Hello God!

Thank You for the sky where stars twinkle all the time of our being. We are under Viennese sky again. I love bright and pulsing light of Elfriede Jelinek‘s Star Genius.

She is genius in her fragility beauty and intellect.

I think Elfriede Jelinek is the only woman who is gifted to open with pianist’s sensitivity complicated puzzled and mystique universe of Woman. To emphasize a fragility and beauty of woman let me accompany this post by nice paintings of the pianist (La Pianiste in French). She does not afraid to tell the truth about the banal and domestic horror of everyday life where woman can live and just how pathetic and awful we can be. Her “Women as lovers” is picturesque, I recommend to read the novel. Perhaps because “Very few women wait for Mr. Right. Most women take the first and worst Mr. Wrong,” Elfriede Jelinek explains in “The Piano Teacher”.

Her intellect is confirmed by The Nobel Prize in Literature 2004 “for her musical flow of voices and counter-voices in novels and plays that with extraordinary linguistic zeal reveal the absurdity of society’s clichés and their subjugating power”.

Jelinek studied music intensively from an early age. She graduated from the Vienna Conservatory and studied theater and art history at the University of Vienna. In a 2004 interview Jelinek explained, “My training in music and composition then led me to a kind of musical language process in which, for example, the sound of the words I play with has to expose their true meaning against their will so to speak.”

Francis Day “The Piano Lesson” (1895)


“I have a feeling that you despise your body and that you only value art, you only value your argent needs, but eating and sleeping aren’t enough. You believe that your appearance is your enemy, and the only friend you have is music. Why look just in the mirror, look at your reflection, you’ll never find a better friend that yourself,” Elfriede advises in “The Piano Teacher”.

Pianist by John Michael Carter


I am listening miraculous music in her language: “When discussing Bach’s six Brandenburg concertos, the artistically aware person usually states, among other things, that when these masterpieces were composed, the stars were dancing in heavens. God and his dwelling place are always involved whenever these people talk about Bach.”

By the way “The Piano Teacher” was made into a feature film in 2001. This movie is unforgettable.

At the piano by Frederick Childe Hassam


“The world would be a lot better off if it paid more attention to its philosophers and artists than to its own tiny egotistic spirit, which lacks an overview. People should place their belief in Beethoven and Socrates”, Elfriede writes in “Wonderful, Wonderful Times”

Marguerite Gachet At The Piano by Vincent Van Gogh (1890)


Thank you very much for our walking under Viennese sky. Our hearts are beating in unison because from now, from this very moment, we place our belief in Beethoven and Socrates to make our world better.