Monday Serenade

Hello God!

Thank You for Monday. “Monday is a great for becoming too busy to die”  Roy Station said. It is truth we understand that a new working week begins and Friday is as far as Venus. So we are really too busy.

We are busy for each other. Because of you I live and enjoy my life. I love to think that because of me you do the same  – you love and enjoy your life. I would like to make your working week happier, my today’s Inspiration said that I am able to do it. Music and fashion will help me.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has created a musical dresses. I am listening a velvet sounds of cello which inspired the designer.


The Piano dress is fantastic. The symphony of artist’s imagination has the Power to visualize the harmony we can see and touch.

Together the cello and the piano create a divine duet to tell us something very important. Something about Life can not possible without. The thing is Love.


The Duet plays Serenade by Franz Schubert.

My songs beckon softly
through the night to you;
below in the quiet grove,
Come to me, beloved!

The rustle of slender leaf tips whispers
in the moonlight;
Do not fear the evil spying
of the betrayer, my dear.

Do you hear the nightingales call?
Ah, they beckon to you,
With the sweet sound of their singing
they beckon to you for me.

They understand the heart’s longing,
know the pain of love,
They calm each tender heart
with their silver tones.

Let them also stir within your breast,
beloved, hear me!
Trembling I wait for you,
Come, please me!

So enjoy!

Thank you for sharing my Monday’s Inspiration. I hope my sincere intention to make your week lighter and happier than the previous week was will work.

Have a happy week!

9 thoughts on “Monday Serenade

    1. Thank you, Valentina. I am glad to meet you. Your opinion is very special for me due to your professional and exceptionally artful view.
      Have an inspirational day!

  1. You’ve made my day lighter – what lovely music!!!♥ I love all kinds of music. I can go for the very loud pop, and then go for classical or opera – I’m sure my neighbours through the wall must think I’m quite crazy! 😀

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