Paper Heart

Hello God!

Thank You for Your Inspiration to create our happy today. My today is wonderful. I was playing with my daughter in our favorite game “Create a dress and Wear a paper dolls” when my daughter had asked the question: “Mummy, has a paper doll got a heart?” You know it was Insight.

We are wearing the clothing to become more attractive, we are smiling to show our communicative skills because the big boss loves us in this role. How often do we remember about what inside us is? Today my 5 y.o. daughter has reminded me about the important thing. I am here to share it with you.

Simone Pfister, I have met her today, print-makes a wonderful paper dresses but not for a paper dolls. Her dresses are masterpieces of art created for touching our hearts.



Take a piece of paper

and draw a little heart

What to write within?

Well, your name’s a start.

Tape it to your chest,

wear it, proud and smart.


Gardens of Dark and Bright

Let the world know

that you have a paper heart.

Easy made, easy torn,

and easy to replace.


Art is the Flower

To have a paper heart

is to have a paper face.

Expressions changed easily

Smiles thrown aside.


A Beautiful Heart

Wear this paper exposition,

hide your tears with pride.

No nerves here from heart to face,

emotions cast away.

Present yourself, miniscule but effortlessly,

for you wear a paper heart (it’s the latest trend, anyway).


Tuk, tuk, tuk, Hello my darling! It is me, your heart. I am beating inside you…

Thank you for listening your heart now. This moment is precious, we are.

15 thoughts on “Paper Heart

    1. Dear Brenda! I can not find the relevant words to express my gratitude for your Love. Please take all dresses you with your daughter like, we are happy to play with you!
      Thank you for your nomination. Should I choose one award from your list?

      1. You get the Excellence Award and the You are a Miracle Award plus whatever else you want! You deserve them all, same as me!! You are a miracle! Blessings, Brenda

      2. You make my weekend miraculous. I am happy and grateful. Thank you, Brenda, for your Light you are so generously sharing with my way.
        Happy weekend to you and your family!

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