Summer Achievement

Hello God!

Thank You for Summer. The days are warm and sunny, our mood is happy and we are cycling along beautiful meadow breathing by honey air. This summer my daughter has learned to cycle on two-wheeled bicycle. It is important achievement for our whole family. We will cycle together in the city of my dream San Francisco!


I am happy to share here a beautiful posters by Ian Huebert. “The Golden Spoke” documents city life from the bicyclist’s perspective.


I love the posters. It seems San Francisco loves his cyclists.



We are going to visit my mother tonight and I will stay with my daughter there for weekend. We will train our cycling skills and enjoy the last, oh really, the end of summer is near the door, sunny days.

For this weekend I wish you to Enjoy Summer days, Eat a Watermelon and Cycle! I will do the same, I promise.

Have a sweet and cycling weekend!

12 thoughts on “Summer Achievement

  1. I’m with you. Love summer and having more inclination to be outside. Love the art here too! My husband is an avid mountain biker, and we occasionally peddle together around our town. I prefer hiking, but anything outdoors brings beauty and pleasure to our hearts and souls. Happy riding! 🙂

    1. Oh, what’s a nice company! I am happy you are with us. Our kind regards to your husband. Thank you for beauty and pleasure you bring in my life!
      Have a beautiful day!

      1. Oh, really! What’s the city can be greater than Italian one :-)! I adore Italy. You are lucky to know and to live in both countries.

      2. San Francisco is not greater than an Italian city, it’s just different in many ways than any American city and summers are not scorching hot as they are in Italy.

  2. Beautiful post. The moment a child can ride a bike is a moment of happiness and freedom. My preference is to ride my bicycle out in the countryside where it is peaceful and quiet. This is a great place to renew ones spirit and energy. Congratulations to your daughter and her new found ability.

    1. Thank you Rich for your comment. Your words are good, you reminded my own feeling of happiness and freedom.
      I am happy to meet you.
      Have a beautiful day!

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