Universe of Somewhere

Hello God!

Thank You for Hope about different world. We know nothing about this world but it exists – we hope. Terry Pratchett went to unknown Universe just a couple hours ago. He died “with his cat sleeping on his bed, surrounded by his family” – I am reading in TheGuardian with a deep sadness in my heart.

Why we are sad if we know and have hope about existence of the Universe of Somewhere?


I have stumbled upon on the fascinating divine synchronisation when I thought about Terry and his influence on my life I have found these paintings by Victor Nizovtsev.

Here I recognise Terry and the Universe of Somewhere he is in now.

Dream in Somewhere

I have heard of a place called Somewhere

But did not knew where it can be…

Divine white Swan delivered you in perfect time,

No doubts. You know it now.


The Moon had lived in your old portmanteau

Before you were delivered here.

You change the Sky with your stairway.

The Moon happily sparkles in Somewhere.

Sweet Cupcakes

Sweet cupcakes dusted with sugar of your dreams

Are shining in every reading eyes,

Our fantasy world you realised and for you

Somewhere is not a Surprise!

Stars in here

Harvest of Stars you joyfully collect

In a bag as big as your heart

With angelic help, you remember,

You always wrote about Somewhere.

Sweet onion

We are crying, of course, on the Earth,

We are chopping onion here.

Your books stay with us and we are happy –

We know something about Somewhere!


Good Bye, Terry Pratchett! Have a happy and adventurous trip in the Universe of Somewhere!

6 thoughts on “Universe of Somewhere

  1. This was so special, Glorialana. The grapes and special children in their precious gathering of fruit touched my heart, my dear. We get sad for ourselves losing a friend or loved one, not sad for them. We know they are in a much ‘better place,’ enjoying God’s Kingdom and everlasting love. Hugs!

  2. My own comments pale in the sweet beauty of your writing. I only have read one Terry Pratchett book, and I see there are many more to discover. In the same footsteps as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and other science fiction icons, I hope they all are drinking and laughing and writing in that fuzzy blue yonder. Wonderful story.

  3. I seem to always miss your blog, and have to come back looking for your poetry. I can never let go of your magic…it is inspirational, magical, ethereal. Terry Pratchett will be missed…we are lucky he left his writing behind.

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