Hello God!

Thank You for Maslenitsa. My generous Soul is raised from the rich mix of Belorussian, Russian and Polish roots and Joy is in my heart now because of celebrating the most wonderful week in a year.“Maslenitsa,” or “Pancake Week,” began yesterday, on March 24 this year.


Pancakes are made every day during the week, starting Monday, but most of all from Thursday to Sunday. Pancake-making is a pagan tradition that goes way back in Russian history. It is the pagan sun god “Yarilo” who banishes the winter darkness, and the round golden pancake is meant to represent the sun. Below you see the schedule of the week.


French “Vendeur de beignets” means a seller of crepes or pancakes. He is waited for in every house now. 


We are welcoming spring and all about the enlivening of nature and bounty of sunny warmth. Thank you for celebrating with me. The week is going to be joyful and delicious.

Happy Maslenitsa!

11 thoughts on “Maslenitsa

  1. Yum… We have Pancake day here too in March this year is March the 4th.. Traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday and is historically a religious occasion relating to the Christian feast of Easter. In the UK and other countries across the world it has become commonly known as ‘Pancake Day’ as it is a day when families observe the tradition of cooking and eating pancakes, made from ingredients which were often given up during the fasting period of Lent in the run up to Easter..

    Its interesting to see how we celebrate a similar day for different reasons.. 🙂 Loved the photos xx Sue

  2. Looks delicious and thank you for your interesting information about where the history of this came from! I admired the way the Russians presented their Opening and Closing ceremonies. The world is full of beauty and special things to be grateful for! Smiles, Robin

  3. Pancakes! I love them 🙂 In Bavaria, we have jam doughnuts this week, and the UK, where I lived for 20 years, has Pancake Tuesday. But a whole week of pancakes, now that is something I could get behind 😉

  4. I have never tried pancakes till date! And a week dedicated to PANCAKE, Wow! I have missed out something great in my food palate. They surely need to be eaten soon. 😀

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