4 Muses

Hello God!

Thank You for Antonio Vivaldi. Everybody knows something about his great music. I have never met a person who does not know Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, for example. Did you know that the four concertos were written with four sonnets?

Today we are lucky to have the unique possibility to see how Vivaldi’s genius is creating. Who helps and inspires him? On this magic scene Zoltan Molnos‘s paintings reflect the eyes of Vivaldi’s Muses.


Winter Concerto in f-minor

Winter Muse had come in purple… Purple is exactly for f minor. Allegro non molto as December, the first son of Winter, is sudden and unpredictable. My heart is beating is his tempo. My past pain dictates:

“Frozen and shivering in the icy snow.
In the strong blasts of a terrible wind…”

Tender and fragile violins before are frightening now. But my heart is beating in hope, past is in the past, my souls sees in a future.

Largo is January.

“To spend the quiet and happy days by the fire,
Whilst outside the rain soaks everyone.”

The second Winter’s son is kind and gentle. Happy memories he brings by beautiful melody from violins. I see and feel a warmness of my home, my childhood’s home.

Allegro is romantic February. My heart’s beating in Allegro again but I do not feel my pain. It is disappearing under melting ices. I feel and love the free river of life and joy!

“To go in haste, slide and fall down:
To go again on the ice and run,
Until the ice cracks and open.”

Thank you, Winter Muse, for Inspiration!


Spring – Concerto in E Major

I am greeting Spring Muse. She is young and her dress is a light green silk of the first grass and small leaves on a trees, a pearl snowdrop flowers are in her eyes. E Major is for her.

Allegro, March, is joyful:

“The festive Spring has arrived,
The birds celebrate her return with happy songs,
And the brooks of the gentle Zephyrs
With sweet murmurs flow.”

April is singing his beautiful melody in Largo. Clearness of spring air makes me write:

“And in the flower-rich meadow,
To the gentle murmur of leaves and plants
The goatherd sleeps, his faithful dog at his side.”

May is playing the hymn to life in Allegro. Beautiful girl Violin falls in love with elegant and smart boy Cello. The happy two hearts celebrate their love. I am feeling the unison of their breathing. Hymn of life is created:

“To the merry sounds of a rustic bagpipe
Nymphs and shepherds dance in their beloved spot
When Spring appears in its brilliance.”

Thank you, Spring Muse, for Inspiration.


Summer – Concerto in g-minor

My Summer Muse, hello. I am so happy to see you again. You are in a golden rays of sun trapped in your hairs. You are so beautiful but your eyes are so sad. I know the reason. The reason is a love story in g-minor.

The Violin who loved Cello so passionately is telling her sad story to June in Allegro non molto:

“A gentle breeze blows, but Boreas
Joins battle suddenly with his neighbour,
And the shepherd weeps because overhead
Hangs the dreaded storm, and his destiny.”

The boy Cello is leaving our Violin because of his parents will. His destiny is awful. Dreaded storm of his fears are spinning his way. He has to be brave. But what if the fear is stronger?

Let’s listen to July, Adagio e piano – Presto e forte. Doubled tempo is not good for Cello. The Destiny demands decision, but:

“His tired limbs are robbed of their rest
By his fear of the lightning and the heavy thunder
And by the furious swarm of flies and hornets.”

Cello, we are here with you! Please save your Love, my hearts is crying.

August is the winner in Presto. Cello is a great Warrior. He made a brave decision. The fears are gone:

“Alas, his fears are well founded
There is thunder and lightning in the sky
And the hail cuts down the lofty ears of corn.”

Violin and Cello are together. Love is saved.

Thank you, Summer Muse, for Inspiration.


Autumn – Concerto in F Major

Autumn Muse is rich and grateful for her richness endlessly. I am listening to her warm voice now in fabulous F Major.

Cheerful September is in Allegro:

“The peasant celebrates with song and dance
The pleasure of the rich harvest,
And full of the liquor of Bacchus
They finish their merrymaking with a sleep.”

Oh, dear friends, it seems today is the special day for Cello and Violin. Their wedding day we celebrate today!

Calm October is in Adagio molto:

“All are made to leave off singing and dancing
By the air which now mild gives pleasure
And by the season which invited many
To enjoy a sweet sleep.”

Nature is going to sleep. I see my mother singing my favourite lullaby, oh, please, my dream, I beg you stop for a moment to catch a melody. Sweet melody of nostalgia: I kiss my mother cheek, I feel the sweet scent of my childhood. It is a blessing.

“Trying to be young” November invites to a picnic in Allegro. Actually November is in grandfather’s age. But he does not want to sleep:

“At dawn the hunters
With horns and guns and dogs leave their homes;
The beast flees; they follow its traces.”

November promises a picnic, but we know a rainy cold days are around. We have a happy chance to trust and follow grandfather. I am writing a grand dance for orchestra as a embodiment of hope and the triumph of Life’s wisdom!

Thank you, Autumn Muse, for Inspiration.

Magic is fading, we are enchanted by the scene. Thank you for being with me.

8 thoughts on “4 Muses

  1. Glorialana what a beautifully put together post.. I adore Classical music and have Vivaldi’s Four Seasons… and you can envisage the various seasons in the music… Loved your beautiful imaged used to illustrate this post too // Thank you 🙂 Hugs Sue

  2. I have Vivaldi on my flash drive so I can listen to his music over and over. He is light and he is love. Even when he is in the slower, shadowy vein. I believe classical music is the music of the soul — and of the Muse. As are your words. Love listening to you!

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