Protective Circle

Hello God!

Thank You for Your Circles. The circle is a sacred figure – Sun and Full Moon are circles. You know what I have discovered today when I was thinking about this post – my eyes have two circles inside – big and blue one with a black spot in the centre. Of, course we see our face every day in a mirror but when we have seen in our own eyes consciously last time? I am feeling your eyes now and my wonderful knowledge about the circles inside your eyes keeps my happiness about our connection warm as a pancakes I have cooked in this Maslenitsa’s evening.

The cheerful circle of paintings of Russian artist Igor Shaimardanov “Pskov Maslenitsa” vibrates by a radiant protective waves. Save the moment inside you now and a shade of darkness  will not touch your heart with this memory.


Circle me, God.
Keep protection near
And danger afar.


Circle me, God.
Keep hope within.
Keep doubt without.


Circle me, God.
Keep light near
And darkness afar.


Circle me, God.
Keep peace within.
Keep evil out.

By David Adam

You are God. You protect me by your happiness and smiles. Let’s enjoy our pancakes and see in each other’s eyes where Joy of Life reflects endlessly in the circles. We are protected and protect. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Protective Circle

  1. It made me think of other types of circles. When adults tell the kids to go play so they can talk, they’ve created a circle. When a group excludes another from their company, they’ve created a circle. Tthere’s bilions of circles in the world. Seen and unseen

  2. “Circle me, God.
    Keep hope within.
    Keep doubt without.”
    How interesting. Love the post. There are lessons in every bit of creation, yes, even shapes. He deSIGNED. Didn’t roll out the universe randomly.

    Thank you also for sharing in my journey, G.

    Keep shining.


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