Blue Joy Jeans

Hello God!

Thank You for my jeans and Your Inspiration to Levi Strauss for creating its. I can not imagine my wardrobe without jeans. You will be surprised but I had bought my first pair of Levis jeans in Prague in the late 90s!!! I was 26 y.o. and I had been abroad at the first time.


The Serpent Tempter

As you know I was born in USSR and it is odd why simple working robe was forbidden there. Dior and YSL were approved by the Communist Party but jeans were not. I have read that even father of all Soviet Communists Vladimir Lenin (Ulyanov) wore a jeans by Levi Strauss.


Mercury is the God of commerce

– If he is God why he could not reach a pair of jeans for himself!

A pair of simple cotton pants were frowned upon by Soviet officials as symbols of decadence and western imperialism, American symbol of freedom! USA were evil and enemy and a blue jeans were a hot item on the black market. A month’s wages (!!!) of average builder of Communism was the price for one pair.


– Poor souls all the pants were sat out at job!

In Soviet Union jeans represented a status symbol.JeansCowboy

 – And where you tore off  such a gorgeous patch?!

In every satirical magazines a caricatures about jeans lovers were published. I remember how I with my younger sister were laughing and painting funny additional details to the pic’s heroes.


 – Oh, my helper is working…

I am happy to share with you my smile and nostalgic memories about my first pair of Levis jeans.

Thank you for your company. I am sure you are in your old blue jeans now. So am I.

My Dolls

Hello God!

Thank You for a friendship we are inspired by. My today’s post was born because of my new friend Sindy. Her blog is fascinating. She asked me whether my Soviet childhood was different from her American one. My childhood was sweet, I even create a poem inspiring by my happy memories. To feel the differences it will be nice to hear your opinion.

I suppose all children with loving father and mother are happy on the both side of our planet. Childhood is the pink period when American democracy or Soviet totalitarianism mean nothing. My Soviet childhood is from 80s. The Soviet Union was blooming in building Communism and my parents were a happy helpers working at the factory. My education was partly a responsibility of the Soviet Union. Kindergarden was for children from 1 y.o. Mother should go to work. All Soviet people should work, as you know, unemployment was solved by the law of Communist Party.

The future builders of Communism should be a harmoniously developed person. By the way I like this idea. Every child studied and learned to play a musical instruments and sports for free. Every child knew the ballet “Swan Lake” by Peter Tchaikovsky and the 2nd Concerto for the piano with orchestra by Sergey Rachmaninov. This classic pieces were main in the TV program when funeral of General Secretary of the Communist Party was in the day. I remember the funerals of Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko. It was funny but child’s playing with a toys with a sounds of a classical masterpiece solved important educational task how to teach to love classical music.

You see a photos of a dolls from USSR soviet children played with. We did not know who Barbie was at all.

We were happy because we knew nothing about Afghanistan, the Cold War, Berlin Wall. We will know the sad truth later…


My dolls house is a pretty home
Where spirit of childhood lives,
Happy spirit of memories
Lullabies and warm milk.


My dolls ballerinas dance
“Swan Lake” on my soul scene
Theatre Orchestra is perfect for
Harmony opens the skies.

My dolls play the harp and the violin softly at night,
Angelic fingers nimbly moving in the moonlight.


My dolls always act for me.
Supporting my happiness and
Keeping the spirit of music
I listen inside my dreams.


My dolls have a radiant faces,
Reflecting my soul in their eyes.
Childhood is sweetness
Childhood is light…


My dolls garden where
Roses are blooming,
Beautiful gardener protects
The thoughts floating in my head.


My dolls house is a pretty home
Full by endless love for me.

Please do not believe in the Soviet evil and Communist demons. There are no black and white colors here. We all are just the Earth people.

Thank you for the peace in your soul we have just created.

Have a peaceful weekend!

Raspberry Tale

Hello God!

Thank You for raspberries we enjoy in July. Raspberries remind me a wonderful and sweet taste from my childhood. I remember a big bushes of raspberry I was playing with my little sister in. I was a bear and she was a hare. Our story was about a lost little hare and a bear who was asked by mother of a little hare to find her daughter. When a bear had found a bushes of raspberries bear forgot about asking to find a little hare. So bear, me, ate a raspberries when little hare, my sister, sat in the bushes. My mother was waiting for us with a little cup of raspberries her children had gathered…

A magic smell and taste of raspberries and homemade waffles keep my happy memory about childhood.

Every family had an electrical waffle maker you see below. I am lucky because my mother-in-law has the waffle maker which is rare vintage thing from USSR now.


The first picture is actual photo of my mother-in-law’s equipment. The waffle maker is baking very well.


The recipe of waffles is simple:

200 gr. butter or margarine
1 cup of sugar
5 eggs
1.5 cup of flour


Hand made cottage cheese is delicious. I add a half cup of sugar and steer it to cream mass.


Rasberries are just from the garden. What’s a beautiful and delicious union!


My ruby red mouth

Will be stained for days

The way my teeth hide the seeds

I’m totally amazed!


Oh raspberry you’re beautiful

Red nectar of the season

I think you know…

You give life a reason!

Thank you for sharing with me this happy moment.

Two Ladies

Hello God!

Thank You for my happy Destiny. My way is beautiful. I was born in USSR but educated in Western tradition. This rich composition allows me analyzing two different world, I suppose.

On the photo below we see two women which are on the one stage together. The stage is the formal dinner in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, where Khrushchev and Kennedy appeared together for the only time and in the company of their wives Nina Khrushchev and Jackie Kennedy.


For Kennedy, who had become President in the same 1961 year, it was his first meeting with his great opposite number one from the Soviet Union.

“I never met a man like this,” Kennedy told Hugh Sidey, Time magazine’s White House correspondent. “[I] talked about how a nuclear exchange would kill 70 million people in 10 minutes, and he just looked at me as if to say, ‘So what?’”

At their final meeting, Kennedy sought to improve the chilled atmosphere over Berlin. “It is up to the U.S. to decide whether there will be war or peace,” Khrushchev said. “Then, Mr. Chairman,” Kennedy responded, “there will be war. It will be a cold winter.”


At the first glimpse we see the clear contrast between the looks of the First Ladies. Jackie is fashionable and sophisticated and Nina is provincial and shapeless. But mindful view understands that the visible differences in appearance of two ladies are just the tip of the iceberg.


Jackie is 32 y.o and Nina is 61 y.o. here. Jackie’s father, John, was a wealthy stockbroker on Wall Street whose family had come from France. Nina’s father was a poor peasant from the village in Ukraine. At the age of 22 y.o. Jackie enjoyed her youth in the George Washington University. Nina in her 22 y.o. was suffering by typhoid fever and lived in the village house even without floor just ground.


Jackie and Nina were a very strong women. They both were bitterly crying when their children were lost. Jackie’s third child Patrick died after two days from the birth. Nina had buried her daughter Elena.

They both loved their husbands and they both became a widows. Kennedy was killed and Jackie became a widow at age 34. Khrushchev died of a heart attack in a hospital near his home in Moscow on 1971. Nina was a little lucky because she was 71 y.o.

Jackie died of a form of cancer of the lymphatic system. She was 64 years old. Nina died at 84 y.o.

What the complicated Destinies we have just touched!

At the first glimpse we all are different. But see attentively: for every mother her child is value, every girls dream about Prince’s love, every boys dream to become an astronaut. Our tears are the same about loss and pain. Our joys are the same about happiness in our families and peace in our countries.

Thank you for sharing with me this peaceful moment.

Dior Me

Hello God!

Thank You for Dior again. Dior was the iconic name almost for every Soviet woman. Happy circumstances had brought Dior to USSR in 1959. 14 years ago the War II was finished and the winner-USSR was in the process of restoring and, what is important, curing post traumatic pain. It was the time to remember about life, peaceful life.


The Khrushchev’s Thaw had changed many aspects of the Soviet life, and fashion was one of them. A “clas­sic” cut of Dior suit was con­sid­ered “ide­o­log­i­cally neu­tral” by the Sovi­ets, as well as sta­ble and practical.

The colors of war were mixed up with dirty gray and bloody red. Dior was happily mixed up with the motley and lithe palette of the French fashion.


“Oh, I see the aliens!” We can smile now, but these faces still remember horrors of the war.Dior2

My grandmother was young and beautiful. She could be on this picture with my little mother on her hands.


My grandmother and mother usually copied a dresses from a rare magazines about fashion and they sew on the sewing machines at home. My promo dress was sew by them a la Dior!!!


I am happy because love to Dior was genetically grafted to my personality by two generations of beautiful and strong women. As for me to see the last Couture collection fall-winter’13/14 is sad.

Thank You for sharing this moment with me.