Dancing Ocean

Hello God!

Thank You for Monday. A working week begins and I suggest to warm up our brain by a kids riddle.

Who swims in the water, but isn’t a fish?

Who whistles and chirps, but isn’t a bird?

Who loves to jump, but isn’t a frog?

Who makes the Ocean dance, but isn’t God?

Happiness of Spirit

It is not difficult, is it? Meganne Forbes, the painter, creates unique portraits of our friends – dolphins.

Did you know that India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests has officially recognized dolphins as non-human persons, whose rights to life and liberty must be respected. Dolphinariums are banned in India!

Dr Thomas White, an ethics expert, said: “The similarities between cetaceans (marine mammals) and humans are such that they, as we, have an individual sense of self. The science has shown that individuality, consciousness, self awareness is no longer a unique human property.”

So if dolphins are persons we should use “he” or “she” instead of “it” in our describing.

Child of Happiness

Dolphins dance in two elements.

They must live in both – water and air.

They must dance by pair

Expressing their feelings,

Catching the moment

To begin a new life!

We live in the same Ocean

Making the Ocean dance.

Kindness, Openness, Warmness,

The music of our hearts

We are all dancing by.

I highly recommend to watch the animation you see below. I love “Girl and Dolphin” from my early childhood. You will touch my heart and newly born emotion makes our Ocean dance!

We watch in awe, every time, never tiring of the spectacle.

Dolphins dance and we learn how to live in the Dancing Ocean.


17 thoughts on “Dancing Ocean

  1. Wonderfull words by you butbut you are sendıng to unknown person adress that you cant see hear and touch only he is dream of humans may be they are waıtıng help for theır lifes feom two thıusands years since

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    3 Ağu 2015 tarihinde 16:54 saatinde, “Glorialana’s Blog” şunları yazdı:


  2. Glorialana, this was an extra special post full of a creature which is so gentle and living. So glad dolphins are starting to be protected! I learned from you they like to jump in pairs. They seem very attached to their family members, too.
    The Girl and Dolphin was outstanding. xo You have a beautiful ♡!

    1. Thank you, wonderful Robin, for watching the film. My heart is touched and smiling kindly with yours! It is fantastic feeling to live. Smiling hearts :-).

      1. The little girl tossing the ball and then (so I don’t ruin how it turns out) how the dolphin is part of her safety and future friend is a film made like a beautiful, moving painting, Glorialana. xoxo

  3. I also recently read about dolphins having a sense of self. It’s so surprising to see characteristics which were once unique to humans now being found in other animals!

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