Prince August

Hello God!

Thank You for this very moment when I have a happy possibility to write to you a story feeling your light breath and beautiful eyes. Your heart is beating with mine in unison – we live and have a miraculous life!

Just as a life is made of days, so are days made of moments. There are a thousand tiny miracles that punctuate our days. Flora Forager has blessed my today by her beautiful art and I am here to bless yours.

The prince August is on his galloping horse. He is in love, he is in hurry to save her. The prince are kissing his princess…


“Wake up, my Princess! Wake up, Glorialana! I am the prince. My name is August. You were enchanted by evil Baba Yaga.  My younger brothers, the prince June and the prince July, were not strong enough to awake you. My kiss is awaking. My love is true.

I am here to take you to Paris on the wings of love.”

Floral Eiffel

“Est-ce vous, mon prince? Vous vous êtes bien fait attendre –  Are you my prince? You’ve kept me waiting a long time” the princess said.

The prince August charmed by her words…  He knows how to express his joy. He promises happiness in every moment!

Summer rain

This summer rain

I am bringing to you

Tender petals of drops

Kissing your lips.


We are riding a bike,

We are flying on our own.

We are singing with the wind

Dancing on our happy faces.

Cone of ice cream

We have ice cream,

The best in Paris

Bubble-gum pink,

It is sweet and yummy.

Cup of tea

Tea pot is on,

The cups are waiting,

Mint flavor is refreshing

Nightgale sings, the moment is perfect.

I wake up and celebrate the moment! Thank you, the prince August for your magical kiss.

A life well lived is firmly planted in the sweet soil of moments. The prince August have kissed our lips and his touch promises happiness. We need just unwrap his hidden treasures by open a simple moment.

Have a happy August!


23 thoughts on “Prince August

      1. I was wondering how you see me, but I just realized you are looking at my login picture… To inspire and be inspired by each other is the heart of life… Enjoy your Sunday x Barbara

  1. My dear, I am enchanted by your blog, such talent ! May God bless you and your abilities, i absolutely am astounded by your imagination and delicacy ! Sincerely, Claire B.

      1. I see the beautiful light and sweetNess in your eyes, Glorialana. My daughter’s are 29 and 35 so you would “fit right in” as a cousin or friend.
        Guess what? My son’s wife is at the hospital to have her baby boy! I am over with 4 grandkids eating breakfast. 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful poem Glorialana and set to magical images created from God’s own beauty .. Loved it .. 🙂 I hope my friend your August has been a Happy one xxx ❤ Love to you Sue

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