February Strings

Hello God!

Thank You for the treasure I am gifted for today and this possibility to share it. I have stumbled on the guitar. Oh, the Guitar! It is the most romantic musical instrument of my life. Oh, girl, do you remember the guy from the University who played the guitar and your heart was melting as a burning candle?..

This dazzling Pine Cone Stratocaster guitar was created by Fender senior master builder Yuriy Shishkov. 550 diamonds, blue hand-stained finish recreates appearance of the Fabergé Pine Cone Easter Egg. What’s the Masterpiece!

Brilliant Solo

In sweet nostalgia my heart is singing these words of a poem of unknown romantic guy:

His guitar glows,
Like endless flow,
Of glittering stars,
Late at night.


Dance my heart,
In ecstasy,
Caress me,
With his melody divine,
My heart beats in tempo.

Pine-cone Stratocaster

A rapture love,
Of eternal bliss,
Seduce me,
For the night,
And take me deeper,
To the endless flow,
Of glittering stars.

The Guitar

We all are the soloists in the Universe’s rock band and our hearts sing in unison if we are on the right strings! February promises sweet love tones. Moonlight Sonata is for tonight.

Happy and sweet February!


7 thoughts on “February Strings

  1. The beauty in this music was so wonderful and thanks for sharing the beauty in the guitar and reminding me of Faberge eggs, Glorialana! You are so precious and giving, always a special place to visit here on your blog. Hugs sent to you, dear!

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