Weatherhythmic Motet

Hello God!

Thank You for a snowstorm today. I am singing a cheerful motet with the wind and snow on my face. My cheeks are healthily pink and nose is red. I feel pulsation of Life in every snowflakes dancing around.

The Persistance of Play

Thinking about this post I have found a treasure. I have discovered a very talented and original artist Nathalie Miebach! Perhaps you have heard about her, but for me she is new and she is genius. I am very grateful for today’s snow storm because of this weather I have met so gifted person.

The Last Ride

In music, polyphony refers to a piece that has more than one voice, melody, or theme. Polyphony means “many voices” or “two or more independent melodic parts sounded together.” Motet is a polyphonic composition with more than one text sung simultaneously.

Gulf of Maine

Nathalie creates and sings her own motets. She translates scientific data poliphonically related to meteorology, astronomy and oceanography into woven sculptures and musical scores using the methodologies and processes of both science and art.


The different voices or melodies have relatively equivalent importance and explore a complementary theme. With two main independent voices she creates her sculptures – Nathalie attended astronomy classes at Harvard University and studied basket weaving with a local craft artist. Every element of her sculptures has a numerical logic based on historical data.

Fortuna Sandy Spins

The voices in a motet are rhythmically independent yet coordinated, the higher voices moving faster than the lower ones. My Weatherhythmical Motet are in 3 singing  voices – Bass, Alto, Soprano.

My feet are singing with the ice in low low Bass. The Earth is the contrabass.

My hands theme is in Alto. My body is its cello.

My eyelids are so high Soprano. Snowflakes play the violin of my eyes.

Three different voices are in perfect Harmony of the divine polyphonic vibrations of today’s snow storm. It is beautiful.

Thank you for singing with me the Motet. Together we are magical choir.

17 thoughts on “Weatherhythmic Motet

  1. Hi sweetie,
    This motet concept reminds me of the multidimensional, multivibratory nature of existence. Love exposure to new art, music and thinking, all Glorialana style.

    Life is a storm/rainbow experience on earth.

    love you,

  2. You always find the most interesting and beautiful art! I am tempted to borrow your idea for one of my Sunday Evening Art blogs — Nathalie is an incredible artist. Her deftness of hands and color makes each piece magical. And you, as always, are magical in tying your words to ethereal art.

    1. Dear Goddess! Claudia, you are the reason of my inspiration! Your happy smile is my motivation to share my findings with you! Use and share its as you wish.Thank you!

      1. I think I will, sunshine, and give you both the kudos you deserve. I may not have a big following, but if I can make one person say ” wow” and venture into the creative world both within and without, I will have done my job.

  3. Wow, this is so beautiful and Uranian (seemingly)! Thank you for introducing Nathalie’s work to us (and to me). I’ll be sharing it more broadly, and particularly with an elder friend who’s similarly unique art work makes him one who will deeply appreciate Nathalie’s work. ~ Jami

  4. I’ve always had the impression that everything sings to us, has it’s own mathematical formulas, colors and complexities. Everything is alive and there is more to this magical, mystical universe, has more to teach us than we have even begun to imagine. I love that some people are tuning into that! Thanks for sharing!

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