2014 Candies

Hello God!

Thank You for 2014 Candies we have enjoyed every days of our wonderful 2014 year! Traditionally every New Year begins from a big-big jar of candies under Christmas tree every chid and adult on our planet find. Let me open my own jar of candies and share it with you with my warmest New Year congratulations!

Roberto Bernardi visualises my jar of candies in a very beautiful way, please enjoy.

Happy Candies

My dear beautiful sister Linda has announced the 2014 Wrap-Up challenge: Present Your Gifts. I accepted the challenge and, you know, it was not an easy task for me.

Linda’s questions are simple but its deepness opens when I begin to think…

Sugar Lesson

Which lessons did you learn?

I think, I am good in learning a lessons, especially when I am expecting excellent mark, unfortunately.

My 2014 lesson was to learn not to expect a marks, any marks from people. Painful memories of a little school girl scared by her mother’s crying about “bad” marks are gone. “Am I good enough? Am I good mother, wife, sister, friend  and ect?” leads to deadly dangerous doubt “Am I good enough for living at all?”

My inner child desperately needs healing from a fear to disappoint somebody and this horror dependency from “bad” marks. Our healing path is going to be long, we will eat 2015 candies together.


How did you serve others?

Oh, you know, I live in a social environment where a worries, a troubles and an emotions about these troubles are important part of culture in my country. We are again in our usual economic “crisis”. “What are we going to do? How are we going to live?” my friend is exclaiming in Blackglama mink coat, the price of it equals an annual budget of a small African country. By the way mink coat is an important part of our culture too. “Ruble is unstable. Dollars and Euros are rising. Sanctions are unbearable!” – this kaleidoscope of complaints and false fears is in the air now.

I meet my people with my warmest smile and hug. Every forth family in my country has a dacha where vegetables and fruits, even meat, grow. The most people here have never seen and tried “French cheese” they are “suffered” by its absence. “French cheese” is in a wide sense, meaning gourmet delicacies.

I do hope I serve my people to see beautiful truth about changes, changing inside comes first. I wish I could turn their complaints in a precious energy for supporting each other.


What blessings did you receive?

My personal blessings are deal with our crisis. The time to change my Lewis jeans with the North Face down coat uniform is coming. An ensemble of a maxi plaid linen skirt with a shearling lamb jacket in a folk style is going to play a hymn to my femininity in supporting my people’s loving hands.


Did you receive any “gifts” in terms of powers or skills?

Sadly I accept some people are suffered by the crisis. My greatest gift 2014 has presented is in my power to help an orphans and an old people by clothing and food. Even kind smile has power to enlighten a crying child’s face. I love to see smiles in return when I help, and I have even to hide my tears of  happiness my heart expresses.

I have Power to keep my own family happy – sometimes a grey mood of our environment touches my darling people. Fire optimism and endless belief in a future happy changes are fundamental stones of my Power and main candies of 2015.

Future candies

Was there something you lost that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

Yes, due to absence of gourmet delicacies I lost 19 lb. ha, ha, ha! Could I imagine myself so young, slim and beautiful a year ago? It is a joke about gourmet delicacies. I tell you my secret – my diet is sugar free! It was hard way with the severe wind of cake’s temptation and frosty breathing of yogurt mousse with strawberry sauce… Thank you, crisis, for forbidden French macaroons.

Happily overwhelmed by the choices in a sweet Universe candy shop I have chosen a dancing and singing candies for 2015. Hardly believe? Please meet the Sugarplum Fairy!

Thank You, 2014, for happy changes I am in progress. Thank you, Linda for the challenge! The next participant of  2014 Wrap-Up challenge: Present Your Gifts is Shelley.

Thank you, my dear readers and followers, for being in my life, for great inspiration you always so generously present, for this very, very happy moment we share together on New Year eve!

Happy, sweet, beautiful, fairy New 2015 Year!


8 thoughts on “2014 Candies

  1. Dearest sister,
    I thank you for accepting the challenge and being a light in my life. I know this was a tough year for you and I assure you that many of us have suffered greatly. You are not alone and you are perfect exactly as you are. You are a snowflake that brings classical magic and whimsical artistry together to nourish our souls with enchantment and child-like delight.

    I cherish your stories from your country, where some of my ancestors may have dwelled. You have no idea how much of a positive impact your essence is for our fair planet. It is much more ” faire” with you as part of it!

    Could you please link at the end of your post to our final blog entry in this challenge?
    Shelley is blogging tomorrow : http://psychicpharmacytech.com/

    love and cosmic hugs dear angel,

  2. Your view of the world is inspiring and refreshing. Life is a gift you are thankful for every day. That will be the word I will spread all during 2015 and beyond. I’m so happy I found your blog — you are indeed a twinkling star!

  3. My Dear Glorialana.. You should never put yourself down and ‘Mark yourself so low’… You my friend shine your love and care and know more than most what it is to suffer as a people and a community..

    I raise my glass of ‘Water’ to you in celebration of your achievements and your helping of others…
    Hold your family close for these are the true treasures any of us can have to hold.. And it matters not if some wear Mink.. for I am sure if we were to look deep into the hearts of those who live with nothing upon their feet and scarcely a roof over their head.. I am sure Happiness would beam out in their smiles and shine from their hearts..

    So good to read your response to Linda’s wonderful challenge..

    Sending you and your family warm Hugs from over the ocean.. And remember WE who are the ordinary souls of this world Know we can live together in harmony, no matter what our leaders preferences are in causing hardships within economies..

    For we are joined together by the family of light.. and love and in God.. our Creator in whose ever name we give him.. 🙂

    Happy New Year my dear sister.. Love Sue xox

  4. Beautiful post, Glorialana! It is helpful to me to read slices of life from around the world, and to see how the same loving heart and meaning pulses through all of us human beings. I feel blessed to have found your writings here!


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