La Marseillaise

Hello God!

Thank You for my life here and now. I am happy to share with you wonderful emotions I am drunk by.

Welcome, welcome to Minsk on the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship!

Welcome to Minsk!

Frozen ice.

Sitting. Waiting.

With the siren sound

Hearts are beating loud:

Denmark vs. France

Who will be the Winner?


Bison Volat, the mascot of the Championship is praying –

Oh, my God! What’s the game!

A pass, a fake, a sudden slap

Oh, it’s the Goal, France SCORES!


The crowd goes wild and shouts with joy

Our voices become one!

Margo supports

My daughter is fan of France,

We are friends, We are team!

We will win, We will win!


How can we hold it?!!!

Ale-Ola, France beats Denmark 6-2!

The French team has just reached the quarter-finals for the first time in 19 years!


“This is huge for French hockey,” France coach Dave Henderson said. “It’s been a long time since it last happen. I’m totally happy with the team.”

La Marseillaise

We are singing La Marseillaise together:

Arise children of the fatherland
The day of glory has arrived!

Thank you very much for your being in my life! I am feeling your tears of joy because my eyes are wet too. Love and hug You now and always.

5 thoughts on “La Marseillaise

  1. Victoire à la France….. Your daughter is so pretty, and wow a beautiful smile that her team should win.. But then she has a wonderful Mother who she takes after..
    Congratulations to your team…. May they go from strength to strength..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xoxox

  2. Allons enfans de la patrie… I’m glad someone stills sing la Marseillaise somewhere! Thank you!

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