The Memory Bells

Hello God!

Thank You for today! The 9th of May is the Victory Day!

What if I was a child of war…


I live in the village Khatyn

You will not find on the Google maps

As Neverland, but we were real

We were alive. We are alive!

Bells toll every thirty seconds

To remind about us.


This is our house, where

Every morning I meet

My mother’s smiling eyes,

My father’s loving hands.


I have one brother and three sisters,

Five bellflowers of mother’s Love:

Slavik is the youngest, he is 6 month,

Manya is 15 y.o, Anya is 10 y.o., Yuzya is 5 y.o.

I am the oldest, I am 12 y.o.!

Unconquered Man

My father Ivan

He is a forester.

He brings a warmness,

We eat a bread tonight,

Because of his loving hands.

Telling in advance

I met my death on his loving hands…


One spring morning of 1943

I remember in details.

I have not met a mother’s smile,

Her pale face and trembling voice:

“We have to go! We have to go to barn!”

I knew about war and Hitler

But in the grey uniforms they were people,

No Hitler by himself:

A man, a husband and a dad.

Cemetry of Villages

There was a horrid silence,

Even little brother did not cry,

We were dying in the barn

A man in the grey uniform set fire.

(149 people, including 75 children, died.)

Grateful Memory

Why? What for?

My mother’s destiny was

To pray for easy death

For us?!

They were a men in the grey uniforms.

No Hitler by himself…

The Khatyn memorial desk says: “You all are our family, we bows our heads in a great sorrow, standing before you. You were not conquered by Nazi murderers. In the dark days you took the death but the flame of your love to our Motherland never extinguishes. The memory of you is immortal as eternal Earth and eternal bright Sun above us.”

Thank You for sharing with this moment of the memory bells have reminded and Your Precious Being in my life.

11 thoughts on “The Memory Bells

  1. Oh My Goodness, what a terrible story of tragedy and pure cruelty.. I am crying for the people of Khatyn.. So so so many lives lost in such a cruel war.. So many for the death of one.. All innocent victims of a vicious regime…
    I wipe my tears as I mentally hear the bells toll in their memory Glorianlana…

    Dear God… I so pray for Peace to break its way into Man’s heart and for it to remain there so that he will know only Love, and learn the only way forward is to live in harmony… Amen..

    Blessings dear sister.. Love Sue xxxx

  2. so so sad and tragic! I almost feel like I am there. Keeping the memories alive can serve to remind us how to behave better and BE better.

    love and peace,

  3. 69 years ago… and we still hear the noise of boots everywhere… on May 10th or 11, my 20 year-old mother flew to Berlin from Paris on a (first and last) post-war mission, as an interpreter to General Koenig, the Commander of French forces in defeated Germany. She landed in Tempelhof. When I asked her what her first impression was, she said: “The smell. Everything was burned or still burning”. Looks like we don’t learn. Thank you for the reminder.
    Have a great week-end

  4. This story of the five bellflowers touched my heart. I am so sorry for this historical memory!
    Writing this as if it had happened to your family was very creative. Are the oldest in your family? I am too.
    You wrote a wonderful tribute for the town of Khatyn. I like that through other’s pain you contrast it and make us realize we are blessed with our own lives. So special and I can hear the bells tolling for the lives that were lost. Thank you, Glorialana! Hugs, Robin

  5. Thank you for this post. It tells of the courage of people faced with the horrors of war…, and, in their own way, finding victory. Beautiful thoughts.

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