Angel of Spring

Hello God!

Thank You for today. Today is the last day of winter. Miracle, great miracle are happening now, and we are really lucky to witness it: Angel of Spring is on his way! The story is visualised by Russian artist Vladimir Rumyantsev.


Have you ever met a cat-poet? I have met and even read his book. (Sorry for my English but my language can’t define a cat, especially a poet as “it”). “The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr” by E. Hoffmann is the book. Tonight’s hero is thinking in the same words as cat Murr.

“Ah, what a fine, wonderful and elated thing is life!” –  a cat enjoys the view from his tree. “O Nature, sacred, sublime Nature! How all your joy, all your delight flows through my breast, how your mysteriously murmuring breath wafts around me! Climbed would be more accurate, but a poet doesn’t mention his feet, even if he has four of them like me, only his pinions…” – it seems our hero is a real poet.

Suddenly somebody has interrupted a poetic inspiration.  

– Who are you, lovely Creature? asks our cat-poet.  – What are you doing on my tree? I have never seen you before. Please do not afraid, I am kind and I love my guests. You know even a birds have not a fear of me due to my tender character, – the cat is getting closer to Angel curiously.

– I do not afraid you, because I do not know what “afraid you” means, I have just been born. I am Angel of Spring.

– Really?! I am Vasilii, call me just Vasya. Happy to meet you.

– Happy to meet you, Vasya, – smiling Angel responds.


– Is it true that an angel can make a dream comes true if he is seen at the first time? – asking eyes of Vasya is filled by hope.

– Of course I can, your dream is the first in my life. What are you dreaming about? – surprised Angel says.

– Ah, if the dear little girl were to approach me! I feel a strange stirring within me, a certain impassioned appetite me away with irresistible force! Ah, would that sweet and lovely girl-cat but come hither, I would clasp her to my lovesick heart and never let her go. How rare is true sympathy of souls in these sorry, obdurate loveless times! To find love, true love is my dream. – Vasya’s tears are rolling down his fluffy cheeks he licks its by his tongue to dry.

Angel and Vasya

– Vasya, your dream is exactly my responsibility. I am Angel of Spring, remember, and Love, I am spreading Love by my wings. Please, Vasya, do not cry, I am gifted by Power of Love. I will make all flowers bloom, I will navigate a birds to return to its nests, I will pervade every living cells by a song of Love. You will find her, I promise!  – Angel of Spring assures.

Silence, beautiful silence are covering them together with a beautiful crone of the cat’s favourite tree. They are sitting above the city and every hearts is beating because of promising song of Love there.

Angel of Spring has promised the season of Love. Are you feeling Love? I am seeing  in the skies: above me arches the wide and starry sky, the full moon casts her sparkling light, and  the roofs and turrets around me are bathed in glowing silvery lustre named Spring and Love is in the air. Thank you for your belief in Angel of Spring. 

Happy Spring, Season of Love!


16 thoughts on “Angel of Spring

  1. You offer a variety of entertaining posts, but the thing I like best about your blog is that you start every post by giving thanks for the day. I wish you a joyous weekend! 🙂

  2. Your words always bring out a smile and love. I had a rough weekend with a “Celebration of Life” for my sister in law’s brother and a fund raiser for my hubbie’s cousin who is donating her kidney to her own husband…such love flowed from such strange and sad times…it is for us to hold onto these times and remember it is love and only love that keeps us moving forward. Thank you, angel…

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