Love in Paris

Hello God!

Thank You for Paris. This city is special in my destiny. I with my Dream Man had decided to marry there. You know I love to return to this happy time because the good memory of the crystal clearness about our future together works. It, this memory, works really good in a cloudy times.

We were walking hand in hand and Paris was our love song our heart were singing in unison. As on these wonderful paintings by French artist Jacques Guignard.

She plays

She plays the violin in happy dreams about Love.

He Dreams

He asks the Moon to help in finding her.


They are together now and the rain is dancing in a joy to see them under an umbrella.


Their Love is blooming in Paris. But who is in blue? Nobody, just shade of fear to loose the feelings.


The river Senna has taken out all fears and Love freely flows in their hearts.


Their wedding dance is waltz of Love, of course, by Strauss.


Miracle have happened. The embodiment of Love is on the way. “Salut!” their daughter will say in French, because of Love in Paris.

Thank You for your light smile and a small tear from your eyes because of sweet memory we have just relived again.

17 thoughts on “Love in Paris

  1. What a treasure you are, finding a way to convey romance in the middle of winter! Thank you for introducing me to thus captivating artist. Excellent choice to express your joy!

    xx Linda

  2. Gloria for this beautiful post, love the images. Paris brings back memories too, I spend a week there with my mom in 1981. We had the most wonderful time and so much fun together. Hope I can return there some day for another visit. Loved it there. My grandmother was French.
    Wishing you a beautiful day! Sending you hugs! Veraiconica

  3. I have always wanted to wander around the small towns of Italy, the pubs of Ireland, and the castles of England. But there is something about Paris that transcends the past and the future. We have made it a romantic world, whether in our dreams or in our reality. You inspire me to keep on trying to get there…

  4. I LOVE these pictures ! one of them i almost saw in a dream. what a fantastic idea to have flowers pictured in such way!! by the way Gloriana, thank you for following my blog, i am glad you liked it . I am writing here because i still dont navigate well in wordpress
    and dont know where to post it. this is Spiritual journey of the soul. THANKS !

  5. magnifique… 🙂 I lived in Paris for several years and our 2 “old babies” were born in “la ville-lumière”… my very best and thanx for liking my humble posts! friendly greetings and cheers! 🙂 Mélanie

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