Snegurochka, Mizgir, Kupava

Hello God!

Thank You for love we all live in and love stories we create. As I promised tonight is devoted to fairy tale about Snegurochka again. Snegurochka’s love story is as old as Greek ancient world where Aristotle teaches us to love. And this story will repeat again and again…

Snegurochka, Mizgir, Kupava

Oh, la,la, all faces are familiar. Snegurochka (Julie Gayet), Mizgir (Francois Hollande), Kupava (Valerie Trierweiler) are on the stage tonight.


Father Frost and Spring Beauty had a daughter, Snegurochka, whose heart was made of ice. Her heart was unable to know love. But she was young and beautiful and she wanted to live and know what love was.


One day a rich merchant came through town. His name was Mizgir, and he was young and tall. Mizgir stopped in the village, called to all the young girls, gave them nuts and spiced bread, and danced with Kupava. She was the belle of the town, parading around in velvets and silks, serving sweet wines to the youths and the maidens and living the joyful life. From that moment he never left town, and, it must be said, he soon became Kupava’s lover.


Kupava had announced her own wedding to Mizgir. The ceremony took place, but then Mizgir noticed Snegurochka, and… became smitten with her, and begged her to love him. Yes, it was love from the first sight.

As we know Snegurochka was a creature from snow and ice. So she asked her mother, Spring Beauty, for help, but as flowers duly emerged under the Sun, the Snegurochka’s heart began to melt because of the fire of love. Mizgir had found her, and she was able to love him. They went to the Tsar, who blessed their marriage. But Snegurochka’s destiny was to die, having discovered the meaning of love. As she melted away, Mizgir, unable to live without her, threw himself into the lake.


There is no happy end in a love triangle story. All participants are wounded. Mizgir has lost his reputation. Snegurochka goes to a psychotherapist for antidepressants. Kupava has just left a hospital after heart attack. Nobody is happy and right here.

We are a mortal humans. Perhaps, to have the gift of discovery of the meaning of love is a good price for all pain and wounds?

Thank You for thinking with me.

4 thoughts on “Snegurochka, Mizgir, Kupava

  1. I received a fortune from Vietnamese restaurant that read ” Those in triangle not on the square.” I think it means people who operate in triangles have no foundation.

    xx Linda

  2. There are always the lessons when there are the mistakes – and there will be mistakes… so, let’s value the people that learn that we can do the best we can and there is always improving if that seems not enough. Love thy neighbor as thy self – that for me puts a lid on judging others. Thanks for the story Gloria. The pictures are excellent too.
    ~ Eric

    1. Dear Eric, thank you for comment. You know the question is in how to recognise a mistake in a very moment people are making it. The lessons are in the results and pain, my experience has proved that only my own mistakes are teachers. Stories are good, its help, but we go by own way to happiness and sadness.
      Thank you for your blog, I like it. Have a beautiful day!

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