Hello God!

Thank You for this winter and beautiful Monday. I with my daughter have stayed at home today due to frozen and cold weather. So having a happy possibility to read to my child a wonderful Russian fairy tale is a great pleasure I would like to share with you.Snow

To understand who and how the main hero of tonight’s fairy tale looks like I have found a fantastically beautiful photos by Olga Valeska. The fairy tale is “Snegurochka” or (the Snow Maiden in English).


Once upon a time there lived a woodcutter and his old wife. The wood cutter and his wife were both kind and hardworking but they were also sad and lonely, for they were childless and there was no-one to care for them or to help them through the cold winter.


The couple made a girl out of snow. A miracle happened in the form of a snow sculpture who came alive to be their daughter they never had. She bought lot of joy to the households though did not had a long life. They called her Snegurochka.


Once, she went to woods along with few village children and when it got dark, they made a fire and the girls started playing by jumping over the flames. When Snegurochka jumped, she got melted and turned herself into a white cloud…

So Snegurochka melted away, her spirit was caught by Ded Moroz (Father Frost).

My daughter is 5 y.o. and this fairy tale is for children. I promise to tell you a love story of Snegurochka and Lel soon. Love triangle is in the story. Are you intrigued?

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful week!

12 thoughts on “Snegurochka

  1. An enchanting story Glorialana and I am certain you little daughter was just as enchanted by it… I know of the tale… and loved the pictures you used too..
    Have a wonderful week

  2. Wow, really beautiful pictures. Especially the first one. I was intrigued and interested in reading further once I saw it. And what a blessing to be able to spend that special quality time with your daughter and share a sweet fairy tale rich in culture. These special times are what form lovely childhood memories.
    Blessings =)

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