Happy Unicorn

Hello God!

Thank You for You. I am writing these words and I see your smile. I imagine your deep and beautiful eyes. You know that “Hello God!” in my every post I write to You. This moment is magic: we know secret of the Universe. The secret is simply: everything is connected. Everything. Our imagination builds that connection. We are the luckiest creatures on the Earth because of our ability to imagine and to build our reality we wish and love to live.

I love today, I am with you and because of you. A poetic Soul of Clayton Paul nominated me for The Imagine Award. His blog reflects his beautiful personality and sharp intellect. Thank you, Clayton.


Another beautiful being of Light, my dear sister Linda nominated me for the WordPress Family Award. We all are connected, but we are more powerful when we are connected as a family. Thank you, WordPress, for our meeting and love from the first sight, and creating a beautiful strong Family we love and live in.


I have a little postponed  an accepting the awards post due to our preparation. I with my daughter created a special gift for you, my brother and sister, from the sequins and needles. Meet our Happy Unicorn! He becomes your talisman and reminder about our family.


The Unicorn with the long gold horn
Is beautiful and wild.
He gallops across the forest green
So quickly that he’s seldom seen…


We live in fair-tale kingdom where princess are happy and friends with their dragon. Princes are fighting on the field of golf. Magic Unicorn keeps the kingdom safe, light and beautiful. We all live in peace and love.


I am happy to share a part of my life and, even my apartments :-), with you. Thank You for this possibility you kindly provide. I am glad to be touched by you. You are so gentle and warm, our connection creates this happiness of now. Just for 1 second, but it is eternity of now.

The Unicorn is singing his happy song about my nominee for the Duet of Awards now:










Please enjoy the Duet of Awards and keep blogging. We are family where everyone is loved endlessly and connected strongly. We can create reality and remake the world together! Thank You for You!

36 thoughts on “Happy Unicorn

      1. You can also get the logos by going to google … and searching for them. Once you have it, right click …. get the URL. Then go to your widgets page … drop in …. and this way you can display them on your blog’s sidebar …

        Help any??? 🙂

  1. Wonderful post and I live the whimsical unicorn. Sharing yourself this way is so generous if you and it is much appreciated!
    Happy to see more of us connected by awards and caring.

    xx sister Linda litebeing

  2. What a sweet, wonderful surprise!! I just got this now. This is remarkable. I’m honored that you’ve considered me ….. wow! TY.
    As I read your post, I see that there are many points that we share, many ideas that we have in common.
    I humbly accept and TY for considering me for this award. I will soon start working on it.
    You daughters work, BTW, is awesome!!

    I imagine!!! Peace, hugs and love!!! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Glorialana’s Blog …. has nominated “It is What it Is” … for a duet of awards!! I’m honored and humbled by this distinction … and very thankful for being part of the WP family … we were meeting awesome people with similar likes. We are “vibrating” at the same level!! Very thankful …..

  4. Beautiful post Gloria and congratulations on the awards. So well deserved! 🙂
    I’m totally in love with yours and your daughter’s unicorn! It’s beautiful!

    It’s funny too that I had asked a blogging friend to write a poem about Unicorns and Dragons..and you have done one too! Love yours as well.

    That doll castle is gorgeous too!

  5. You deserve this award and I liked the Unicorn artwork and its place in the photo with the princess and the castle! You are special and so glad you have many who agree!

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