Jewellery Box

Hello God!

Thank You for my jewellery box I keep my treasures in. Every girl genetically loves her jewellery box. You know why? Because every jewellery box you have ever seen keeps a secret always involving a heart of owner. Her romantic heart and the finer things of life the jewellery box contains…

Let’s open the heavy door of the Chateau de Josselin, Brittany, France.


As a cunning fox, as my curious daughter wants to see inside my jewellery box, we try to open the lid of the beautiful jewellery box we have found on the table. What is the secret inside? “Ni vous sans moi, ni moi sans vous” (“Neither you without me, neither I without you”) my cheeks are red a little because of touching a love story. Oh la,la, the French love love.


The history of France says L’Amour (Love) is the Ruler and Le Plaisir (Pleasure) is the Constitution. This architectural Masterpiece proves the statement. Everybody around this castle was in love. Do you feel it?


There are a soft fire of the rubies, there are the brilliant purple of the amethysts, and the sea green of the emeralds – all shining together in incredible union. We are mesmerised by treasures of the jewellery box and we can just imagine a love moments its keep inside.


The best way to see a love moments you try to imagine seeing inside of the jewellery box is to take your soulmate by hand and go to eat an ice cream in a cafe you have met then under an umbrella kiss each other as at the first time. It was raining, do you remember?

The hand written notes we have found should be kept in every jewellery box on our planet. “Neither you without me, neither I without you”,please, write her a note. Her heart and jewellery box will keep it forever with the secret of your happiness. The Ruler is Love, by the way. The French know it for sure. So do we now.

Thank you for sharing with me this romantic and full of love moment.

25 thoughts on “Jewellery Box

  1. The French do understand romance! as do the Italians and other Latin cultures as well 🙂 I adore jewelry boxes and have a few. The video ia gorgeous. I would sure enjoy visiting the world created there, such ambiance!

    1. After visiting this place I believe in the Power of Place. You know it explains why the French in the French, the West is the West. Oh, it seems you have just inspired me for a new post :-). Thank you, Linda!

  2. Obviously written by a lovely romantic! So well worded this post draws the reader into the story with artistry and passion!

    Keep it going, Gloria…

    Enjoy your day,

      1. Gloria, I thank you so much for your replies…(they are so encouraging. And inspiring people is something very dear to me…and obviously to you as well.

        I did want to tell you that I passed along an award to you this morning…the “Image Award.” Visit my website and click on the post of the same names for details…

        Clayton 😉

      2. Dear Clayton, I have seen your message about nomination and I was just thinking where to find a words to describe my pleasure to be nominated for the Imagine Award. So it looks like that: Wow! You made my week happy! Thank you 🙂

      3. Just accept this small gesture for the grand job you are doing! No words are necessary beyond what you have said here.

        Now, give that gift of love you have to your nominees!

        You’re a very cool lady, Gloria 😉


  3. Ah France…the country of love..or romanticism….hehe
    I don’t have a jewellery box! I used to collect stationery instead..but I do have a shoe box filled with old notes and letters and cards from friends 🙂

    1. I think you may have a different experience with a beautiful hand crafted jewellery box with ballerina. Special, romantic notes deserve it. Friends are friends, but a special one :-)))

  4. Finding this sweet note, evoking and bringing back the memories of love in its new and fresh beginnings…Lovely indeed! I think sharing with your daughter the jewelry box is also a great beginning of many years of adding jewels to her box.

  5. “The history of France says L’Amour (Love) is the Ruler and Le Plaisir (Pleasure) is the Constitution.” My hope is that one day the history of the world will be as such. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog.

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