Inspirational Alphabet

Hello God!

Thank You for my friends I am writing for here. To share Your Inspiration is a great pleasure and a gift. I am endlessly grateful for this possibility to write these words.

My special “Thank You!” goes to Francesca Di Modica today, her beautiful soul reflects in her blog. She is kind to nominate my blog for the ABC Award!


There are rules about this award. So it follows like this:
1. You must display this award on your blog. Done.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who awarded you. Done
3. Present 8 deserving Bloggers with the Award. Done.
4. Link your awardees with the post and let them know of their award. Done.
5. Write a word or phrase about yourself for each letter of the alphabet. Done.

I am inspired by:

A Apricot

B Barbie
C C’s
D Dior
E Elfriede Jelinek
F Fashion
G Good Luck
H Herbs
I Ice Cream
JΒ Jackie Kennedy
K Kupala
L Lighthouse
M Music
N November
O Oh, Dream
P Paper
Q Queen
R Raspberry
S Β Song
T Tree
U Universe
V Vienna
W Writer
Y Yves Saint Laurent
Z Zzzz, Breeze

My nominees for the ABC Awesome Blog Content Award are:

Thank you. Have a happy week!

30 thoughts on “Inspirational Alphabet

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Glorialana! Here’s my alphabet.

    Things I have learned in the past year:

    Anything is possible
    Be present
    Compassion toward all people
    Dreams are only worth anything if you make them reality
    Everything matters
    Happiness is a matter of perspective
    Insults come from people who are hurting
    Joy comes from within
    Keep fighting!
    Love is the only thing that exists
    Memories can deceive you
    Nobody is perfect
    Only the present moment matters
    Perfection is boring
    Quirks make us interesting
    Very bad moments can actually be beautiful
    Where you are is more important than where you are going
    X-tra hugs are x-tra special!
    You can always find a path
    Zero mistakes is an impossible goal.

    1. Awesome alphabet! Please accept the award with my whole singing about love heart! La,la, laaaaa – Could you hear it :-)? The song is for you.
      If you do not mind please copy-and paste the logo award and your alphabet to a post in your blog. If you wish you can nominate for the award any bloggers you like.

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