Diva Maria

Hello God!

Thank You for our Universe. Diva Maria, this name of the Universe was opened in my dream. Spanish artist Ingrid Tusell Domingo had seen the same dream. Her paintings exactly reflect this vision, Diva Maria is the Universe.


“Diva” from Latin means “Goddess”.

Goddess always promises Perfection.

Diva Maria, the Universe Goddess,

In love with God, by doubled Inspiration

Has a child, Milky Way, their Perfect Creation.

We all are children in Her Hands.

Hugged the Earth so beautifully and softly,

Mother’s lullaby She sings.

Divine pulsation of Her Heart

We feel. We love. We live.


On Her Hands we travel around

On rainbow rings of Saturn,

Fly through Jupiter’s core,

And drink sweet Venus nectar.

She loves every creations and

Lovely hugs Mars. Perhaps

We’ll live on this planet,

Her warmness is the saver for us.

We live in a tranquil Diva Maria’s hugs

She asks only trust.

We don’t have to worry.

Everything will be alright.

“Ave Maria!” angel voices are singing in gratitude, here, on the Earth. Thank You for sharing this beautiful moment, we have just created a new galaxy of love.

Happy and divine weekend!