Flower of Life

Hello God!

Thank You for the Flower of Life. It is the gift of Forgiveness. For visualising my thoughts I am happy to share with you warm, sunny and beautiful paintings by Andrea Bruek.

You know after publishing the previous post about the plane catastrophe I have met a really devastating sense of powerless and meaningless about life. As a snow ball is getting larger, circling around and around in a snow abyss, the ball of my dark and heavy thoughts was getting larger and larger until I was trapped completely in the cage of fears and doubts.

Please forgive me for this behaviour.

Peaceful Beach

Forgiveness is our life long path. It is ongoing, always a work in progress. There is a place we can meet. You and me. I am waiting for you here. Please help me to stop recycling anger and blame.


With the flower of life by the words of Paul Ferrini I am asking: “From the depth of my soul, I call out for growth. I pray to be released from my burdens and to discover and express my gifts. From deep within my pain, I call for peace. From deep within my co-dependency, I call for the courage and the freedom to be myself, to forgive myself, and to forgive all others.”

Gods Garden of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is how we bring peace to ourselves and our world.

Thank You for your forgiveness and I am happily keeping your hand in mine here sitting on the bench of Peace.

Have a forgiving week!

19 thoughts on “Flower of Life

  1. Reblogged this on Veraiconica's Blog and commented:
    Glorialana, thank you for this lovely post. I think we all need to forgive in these difficult times with so much hurt in the world.
    Love the pictures. They are so cheerful! Hugs! Veraiconica

  2. Beautiful to go inside …where fear is released (forgiveness) and love remains! Our open heart sets us free!! We as humanity have all experienced our fragmentation…and with the questions you pose we are lit up…wonderful…heart to heart Robyn

  3. My hand is held out to hold yours in your prayer Glorialana.. and at last I am catching up with your most touching post as you express your heart.. Beautiful choice of pictures.. Have a beautiful week.. xox Love Sue xox

  4. This was simply gorgeous! I had fallen behind on reading your posts. So sorry, you are a good follower and I appreciate all the likes you push, too! smiles and hugs, Robin

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