Hello God!

Thank You very much for this privilege to live. We all are privileged by the fact of living. How often do we think about our gifts of breathing, eating, seeing, playing, kissing? Please let me hug you with all warmness of my heart. And please, open your eyes – we are floating on the waves of tenderness.

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko is the captain of our boat “Life is a Privilege”.


Life is a privilege. Its youthful days

Shine with the radiance of continuous Mays.


To live, to breathe, to wonder and desire,

To feed with dreams the heart’s perpetual fire,


To thrill with virtuous passions, and to glow

With great ambitions – in one hour to know


The depths and heights of feeling – God! in truth,

How beautiful, how beautiful is youth!

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Thank you for your smiling eyes and your waves of tenderness I am feeling now. Happy Friday!

27 thoughts on “Privilege

  1. Glorianna, love your post and the beautiful images of the snails. Yes, our life is a gift to be appreciated every moment of our lives.
    Sending you hugs! Veraiconica

  2. Absolutely gorgeous images and words. I say thank you every morning. After a few “experiences” in the last couple of years, I believe God wanted me to stay on this side of the veil for a while. It might be beautiful over there, but it’s awfully beautiful on this side, too. Thank you for the magic.

  3. I feel your hugs in this incredibly delightful post! And thank you for including the name and link for this wonderful photographer as well. Thanks for brightening my heart with sweetness. Hugs, Gina

    1. Dear Gina, thank you for your sensitivity to my hug.:-) Let me to hug you again and again! Your world is so beautiful, I am floating there now. Thank You for You! Happy and miraculous weekend!

  4. Beautiful… your words are always a delight.. and bring such peace reading them… Thank you also for the wonderful finds in the photos.. xoxo Love and Gratitude… its been a privilege to read.. xox Sue xxx

      1. Like wise Glorianlana… Your posts bring me so much peace when I visit.. Like I know Everything will be fine…. Its a Privilege to visit and to know you. xxx Love Sue

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