Glory to Life

Happy Earth Day!

Glorialana Magazine

Hello God!

Thank You for the silence I am wrapped around by sweet sleeping of my daughter. I am feeling her breathing and listening the Glory Mass to Life playing by the orchestra and choir of my imagination.


The Ocean is beginning of life.

Breathing of waves is a rhythm of the Mass.

Whales are bass in our choir

All fishes sing in deep unison.


The Earth is our Mother.

She plays the piano solo.

Mountains and volcanos are

The piano keys. Her melody is Beauty.


The Sun is Star

Its light is bright.

Sun rays are strings of Harp

The Universe loves.


The Moon is singing Lullaby.

Her illuminating song feeds Dream

We have to turn into reality

Realizing the Potential.


Flowers are Violins bows

Playing on the strings of rain.

Laughing and joking notes build

The tune which is your Smile.



There is Music…

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12 thoughts on “Glory to Life

  1. This was enchanting as only you know how to Glorialana… Beautifully written and presented… We have so much to thank God for.. as Mother Gaia blesses us with her Music… .. Many thanks.. Love Sue

  2. Thank you for doing such an awesome job at capturing what the beauty of nature and life is really all about! How can anyone be in anything but a lovely mood after seeing this lovely post? Great job Glorialana!

  3. the r=nature’s so beautiful and wonderful.. super awesome pics you posted and great writing glorialana.. that water droplets on flower that’s such a beauty..!

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