Sad Story

Hello God!

Thank You for today. Today is Friday and usually my Friday is happy and joyful because of the end of a week. But today is not this case. This culmination of the week news is the reason: “The Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, which has a special status within the region, were added as subjects of the Russian Federation following a referendum Sunday in the Black Sea region, which saw over 96 percent of voters in the region back the motion to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia.”

Tonight I tell you a sad story about Ukraine, Russia and Crimea. Crimea’s fate is as sad as a story of a child in divorce.


My mother is Ukraine.

She is so beautiful and kind.

I love her scent and

Love to warm my nose

In a fox fur on her shoulders.

Crimea had been Ukraine for 23 years.


My father is Russia.

He is strong and powerful.

I remember our happy times

When we were together and

Playing in the war


My dream to be together will never come true…

In “the best interest of a child”

I am away from my mother.

Yes, father, I am yours, but

I am mother’s too.

To free me would be the best decision 

You have never allowed.

The price is I am dying,

The war is true, not game,

Of course, “in my best interest”.

I am really pessimistic about the situation in Ukraine. But the history is circle, the story is repeating. Nothing is new under the Sky. Sadness is a good facilitator of philosophical mood. Plato’s book, I think, is a good choice for weekend. Thank you for being with me.


17 thoughts on “Sad Story

  1. What a wonderful post. I love the photos you posted along with your metaphorical story. It is amazing (unbelievable) that 97% of Crimeans voted to be part of Russian. Something doesn’t sound right.

  2. another winner, despite the sad message
    enchanting images and well stated narrative
    i have heard that young souls flock to power and the rest of us must live with the consequences.
    how will we do this? what is the highest good?

    love to you xx

    1. Oh you have just stated the reason for the trouble we are now suffering in Egypt, after the last revolution of june 30, 2013. The kids in the street were so inexperienced with politics, and so enamored with the military. Unfortunately, we are all paying the price of their stupidity handing back the power to the brutes. Thank you for your excellent and profound explanation!

    2. I’m borrowing Linda’s comment to reply to your post Glorialana…for some reason the “post Comment” button isn’t showing when I want to comment in the normal fashion!

      It always rubs me the wrong way when someone decides something is “for the best” for others. Thank you for sharing your lovely words 🙂 I hope that the situation will resolve itself but as you so wisely said…things are working in a cycle and one day will see a time when the cycle is broken…one piece at a time 🙂

      1. My dear, wonderful Sun! Shree, I am so happy to see you – I missed you heavily. How are you?
        This situation will never been resolved – everybody is suffered and post-traumatic syndrome will follow and influence the participants for years, sorry for pessimism. According Plato’s Cosmology we all live in the perfect orderliness. So, perhaps, this mess is designed with unfathomable for human mind purpose.
        You made my day, thank you, Shree, for You!

  3. I am sorry you are sad, I liked your divorce analogy. It helped me understand that no matter what decision was made, a parent would be unhappy. And the children as well. I loved the artwork.

  4. It sounds so weird, that Crimea did vote that way.
    It is also tough when the parents are divorced – in many ways. For you more, because of your parents way to act.
    I wish you the best of all 🙂

  5. Glorialana, its sad for any of a parents children, to be in the middle of such a tug of war… I was so sad to see History repeating, and my prayers are with the children of each parent to find peace and take comfort the best they know how…
    I just hope that both parents will remain friends and not enemies.. Divorce is often a bitter affair.. And there are never any winners…

    Much love as my Heart reaches out to yours.. Love Sue xox

  6. Thank you for putting a human face on this conflict. In the US, we never know about the real people who are suffering.

  7. What an excellent, tho sad, analogy of the mess that politics makes in our lives. But as you said, everything repeats, and good times will come once again, God Willing!

  8. Glorialana….everything I’ve seen from you thus far is beautiful and done with such a sweet hint of purity. Awesome to be able to accomplish this through your words. BTW…thanks for the follow of my other blog! Hope you enjoy it also!

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