April Fantasy

Hello God!

Thank You for April. April is Great Inspirer. I am listening a wonderful piano music seeing this painting by Roman Velichko. It seems the artist is April. And April plays Chopin’s Fantasy-Impromptu in c sharp minor.

From the first sound of the fantasy, g sharp  – octave, April picks up and carries us to a magical, mesmerising, rapid and tremulous crystal vortex. It takes us into the fascinating unknown world of Spring dreams. Sparkling waterfall of sounds leads to the middle part, where, finally, comes to the calm, and we hear one of the most soulful melodies of Chopin. Franz Liszt reflects our thoughts and emotions  – ” Every Chopin’s note is the jewel that fells from the sky.”


April plays a melody
A light green song of spring.
And every time a rainbow sings,
A golden dandelions grow.

O… Enjoy the voice of spring,
April echoes over the land.
Performed in perfect harmony;
Chopin helps to feel the Grand Design!

Thank you for sharing with me this happy April moment. Happy April and have a beautiful spring week!

23 thoughts on “April Fantasy

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog!! Have an enchanting April! Love and blessings, Chrissy xx

  2. Another delight for the eyes, ears, and the soul!
    Who made this lovely painting? I got your awesome message,
    Дзякую вам

    Hope this is correct 🙂

    You have the sweet heart of an artist and you spin tales out of cotton candy or bitter herbs, depending on your moods…

    love to you and hope you are on the mend!

    1. Dear, dear Linda! Where to find the words to express my gratitude for your being in my life! Your “Дзякуй” is raising my Soul fibres to the happiness I remember in my childhood: something warm and familiar is awaking in my heart – my loving grandmother speaks in Belarusian. You have revived forgotten smell of big plate of hot cookies with a glass of fresh milk from the farm and sweet sense of child’s dream when everything is possible… My Belarusian is in passive, I do not speak on my native language – perhaps the root of my pain is here. I need you and thank You, Linda, for your endless love.

      1. How exciting that just this small decision to look up how to say thank you in Belarusian meant so much to you!

        Very happy to have you in my life 🙂


  3. So beautiful, Glorialana! I love the picture, your poem and the way you listened to Chopin and Liszt. Your gift of telling us that notes are jewels falling from the sky is such a great way of expressing yourself! Fantastic post!

  4. I have missed your sparkling writing! Just this evening I read one of my favorite blogs..and he has what pulls on your soul? http://davidkanigan.com/2014/04/08/what-still-pulls-on-your-soul/
    And I answered … music. It nourishes my soul, stirs my emotions, empowers me, drains me, and brings up wells of good memories of days gone by. Music threads itself through all parts of my life. For music can express emotions that you cannot. Even at work today I pulled out Strauss to knead my tightened head muscles. Share it every way you can!

  5. Just about to cut some flowers and place them in vases around the house for company to enjoy. WONDERFUL music to accompany my chores. Thank you for sharing such beauty. -x.M

  6. You have the heart of an April shower, a blossoming Dogwood flower. I see that inside your soul, all of nature sings through that special voice you own. This day, thank you for this beautiful reminder of what sings my own soul.

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